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Jen Delyth (born 1962), is a Welsh-born artist and author, a contemporary Celtic art illustrator and author who has contributed to the Celtic folk tradition with her original Celtic art and designs[1][2][3] based on Celtic mythology and symbolism.

"You may already be familiar with the artwork of Welsh artist Jen Delyth, who has done more than any others (aside from England's Courtney Davis and original Celtic art revivalist George Bain) to bring the ancient interlace designs, spirals, patterns and imagery of the Celts to modern awareness. As it turns out, Delyth is also an excellent writer and is well steeped in Celtic folk-lore, mythology and mysticism. Her stunning artwork and words vividly express the beauty, power and spirit of nature, as seen from the perspective of Celtic tradition. - Dirty Linen Magazine Book Review July 2008 [4]

The Celtic Tree of Life[edit]

Delyth is the creator of a contemporary Celtic Tree of Life design[5] that has become a popular Celtic folk-art symbol.[6][7] Delyth created the Celtic Tree of Life in early 1990.[8] This contemporary design - not found in antiquity - describes in the language of Celtic Art patterning, the symbolism of the Tree of LIfe, representing (the artist's interpretation of) the interconnection of all things.[9]

The symbolism of the Celtic Tree vividly comes to life in (this) design by Celtic artist, Jen Delyth. Their branches reach high into the heavens. Their roots dig deep into the Earth. Yet all are woven together, signifying the connection between all things in the Heavens and the Earth.[10]

The Celtic Tree of Life, as interpreted (here) by Welsh artist Jen Delyth, shows a concept of the cosmos in which the universe is in the form of a tree whose roots and branches join.[11]

Although often misinterpreted as an ancient symbol,[12] the Celtic Tree of Life is perhaps Delyth's most notable contribution to contemporary Celtic Art.

Many of Jen Delyth's patterns, like her trademark Tree of Life, have such an iconic resonance that they seem instantly familiar. They are the visual equivalent of a folk song, drawing from us some connection with a mythic marvelous past. Although her work is original and of our time, many have erroneously come to believe they are of ancient origin, so strongly do they resonate with the timeless quality we associate with our Celtic forbears.

Pat Fish, Celtic artist - 2004, Santa Barbara [13]

Although most Celtic art today is based on ancient sources, there are some contemporary Celtic artists who consider the Celtic arts culture a living tradition[14]- creating new works, rather than simply reproducing the traditional motifs. Working within a folk-art genre with ancient roots, has created some complications and misconceptions for their new designs - that are not actually available in the public domain. In the ongoing challenge to protect her own work - especially her popular Tree image - from misuse, Delyth has also been an instrumental advocate for the rights of modern-day Celtic artists, participating in campaigns to promote and protect copyright from infringement, and educate the public on proper uses.[15]

Published works[edit]

Published works include Books,[16] Book Cover and magazine illustrations,[17] Music and Theatre Illustration [18] and the popular Celtic Mandalas Calendar, Journals and Greeting Cards.[19] Also featured as invited guest on television,[20] festivals include [21] and events across the country. Jen’s prints and paintings have been exhibited with solo and group shows internationally,[22] including with the Contemporary American Celtic art group,[23] of which Delyth is a founding member, touring the States during 2000 and 2007. Delyth also established her business Keltic Designs which showcases her original designs on everything from Fine Art Prints and textiles to heirloom tapestries.[24]


Celtic Folk Soul - Art, Myth and Symbol illustrated and written by Jen Delyth contains examples of ancient and contemporary poetry.[25] With a foreword by Scottish musician and author Robin Williamson[26]

Beyond the Ninth Wave Celtic art and animation, with spoken word by founder/Poet Gilli Smyth[27] was published by Ninth Wave Productions in 2000. Also featuring music by Michael Masley,[28] Silver Arm, and Aryeh Frankfurter. Ninth Wave film has been featured with Irish Band Kila in San Francisco 2001, Trillian Green, and Woodland at Faerieworlds in Veneta, OR.[29]


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1991 International Celtic Conference, Swansea University, UK

1994, 1996 Herbst Theatre Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1997 60th Street Gallery Group Show, Oakland, CA

2000 American Celtic Art Exhibition,[30] Milwaukie, WI

2001 American Celtic Art Exhibition,[30] Cincinnati, OH & Chicago, IL

2002 Earth Gallery, Solo Art Show, Garberville, CA - Jen Delyth Art and Animation

2006 Bridging Heaven & Earth Group Show, [4] Santa Barbara, CA.

2006 Bridging Heaven & Earth, [5] television broadcast - Animation and Artwork

2005-2007 Faerieworlds Festival, Featured Artist - Main stage screening of Beyond Ninth Wave animation & artwork.

2006 Madden Arts Center, [6] Group Show, Decatur, IL - Contemporary American Celtic[30]

2007 Irish American Heritage Center, [7] Group Show, Chicago, IL - Contemporary American Celtic [30]

2008 Talisman Gallery, [8] Portland, Oregon - Solo show, Giclee prints and original paintings. Screening of Celtic Art video, Book Signing

2008 Kathleens's of Dublin, Portland, Oregon - Art Show, Screening of Ninth Wave animation video, Book Signing

2008 Field's Books [31] San Francisco - Book Reading, Showing of Fine Art Prints, Book signing

2008 Faerieworlds Festival, Eugene, Oregon Featured Artist

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