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Jenn Mann is an American psychotherapist, sports psychology consultant, author, speaker, and media figure.[1][2][3]

Mann is the daughter of successful song writing partnership and married couple Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. On January 1, 2015 Mann announced she was going back to her maiden name,[4] after divorcing Joshua Berman, effective August 20, 2013. [5]

Since training as a psychotherapist, she has established a private practice in Beverly Hills, California.[6]

Mann sometimes appears in media under the name "Dr. Jenn."[7] She has acted as a relationship counselor for the VH1 reality shows Couples Therapy and spin-off Family Therapy.[8] Until Sirius XM Radio dropped the Oprah Winfrey channel on December 31, 2014, Mann hosted a nightly radio call-in show. The show moved to a new channel in 2015.


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