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Jenn Proske
Jennifer Proske

(1987-08-08) August 8, 1987 (age 31)[1][2]
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Years active2008–2014

Jennifer Proske (born August 8, 1987) is a Canadian American actress, best known for portraying Becca Crane in the film Vampires Suck.

Early life[edit]

Jenn Proske was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to an American ex-professional dancer and a Canadian advertising creative director[3][4][5] born in Slovenia,[6] who owns a sandwich shop.[7] She has a younger sister named Becca.[8][9][10] Her family moved to Orange County, California when she was four. There she became involved in stage shows for children: at six, she portrayed Ticklish the Dwarf in a new version of Snow White.[8] She kept on acting while attending Tesoro High School.[11] She spent six months in Australia studying and working at the Sydney Theatre Company, led by Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton. In May 2009 she graduated cum laude[12] in Acting and Theatre Arts from the Boston University College of Fine Arts. Then, she left her job as a floral designer[13] at the Saint Regis resort of Orange County[14] and moved to Los Angeles to become an actress.[5][7]


After acting in several shows while in high school and college, Proske was hired for her first professional role in Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling, in 2008. She portrayed Shelby. In 2009, she portrayed Titania and Hippolyta in A Midsummer Night's Dream at Mysterium Theater of Santa Ana and had the role of Mariah in an Off-Broadway production of Pope Joan.

She was hired for her first movie role in 2010, as Becca Crane — a parody of Bella Swan from the Twilight saga — in Vampires Suck. She had originally been called for the role of Iris, the parody of Alice Cullen.[15] Vampires Suck received almost universally negative reviews,[16] but Proske's performance was praised by several critics.[17][18][19]

In 2011 she joined the short film The Infamous Exploits of Jack West and the pilot of the TV series Home Game, which was never broadcast.[20] In November, she was Serena, the raped daughter of a senator, in the eight and ninth episodes of the eight season of CSI: NY.[21][22]

In 2012, she was hired for the roles of Beth in the TV series House of Lies,[23] of Dina Van Cleve in the TV movie Sexting in Suburbia, directed by John Stimpson,[24] and of Meghan Weller, a stage actress, in the episode Theatre Tricks of the thirteenth season of Law & Order: SVU.[25] She also portrayed Amanda Martino in the second episode of Major Crimes. In August, she filmed the fourth episode of The CW series Beauty & the Beast.[26]

In 2013, Proske portrayed Abby, an East Coast girl who falls in love with FBI Special Agent Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit), in the TV series Graceland.[27]

Personal life[edit]

In 2012, Proske became engaged to actor Stephen Schneider. The wedding took place on May 26, 2013.[28] On March 28, 2015, Proske gave birth to a daughter, Ava Morata Schneider.[29] Proske converted to Judaism upon marrying, her husband's faith.[30]


Film and television
Year Title Role Notes
2010 Vampires Suck Becca Crane Featured movie, lead role
2011 The Infamous Exploits of Jack West Cambria West Short
2011 Home Game Tess TV series, unaired pilot
2011 CSI: NY Serena Matthews TV series, guest
Episodes 8x08-8x09
2012 House of Lies Beth TV series, guest
Episode 1x08, "Veritas"
2012 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Meghan Weller TV series, guest
Episode 13x11, "Theatre Tricks"
2012 Sexting in Suburbia Dina Van Cleve TV movie
2012 Major Crimes Amanda Martino TV series, guest
Episode 1x02, "Before and After"
2012 Beauty & the Beast Clarissa Withworth TV series, guest
Episode 1x04, "Basic Instinct"
2013 Graceland Abby TV series, recurring role
2014 Rizzoli & Isles Lily Green TV series, guest
Episode 5x02, "...Goodbye"
2014 Cristela Cheri TV serie, guest
Episode 1x04, "Hall-Oates-Ween"


Year Title Role Theatre
2003 Stage Door Terry Randall Tesoro High School theatre[31]
2004 Much Ado About Nothing Beatrice Tesoro High School theatre[32]
- Aurora Borealis Choreographer, dancer Boston University theatre
- In This Body Lead Ensemble Piven Theatre, Chicago[33]
2008 Lizzie Stranton Gertrude Boston University theatre[34]
2008 Steel Magnolias Shelby Huntington Beach Playhouse[35]
2009 A Midsummer Night's Dream The Girl Mysterium Theater, Santa Ana[36]
2009 Pope Joan Mariah Off-Broadway[37]


Year Award Category Work Result
2010 Beverly Hills Film and TV Festival Best New Actress[7] Vampires Suck Won


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