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Jenna Black
Pen name Jennifer Barlow
Occupation Novelist
Nationality United States
Period 2001—present
Genre Romance, Urban fantasy, Young adult

Jennifer Black is an American author of paranormal romance novels, urban fantasy, and young adult fantasy novels. She began writing under the pen name Jenna Black in 2006. She published one novel earlier under her other name, Jennifer Barlow,[1] and at least two short stories before that under her birth name.[2]


Jenna Black was raised in Bratt, Florida. She got her BA in physical anthropology and French from Duke University and has remained in the Research Triangle area in the years since. She once aspired to be a primatologist, but ended up writing technical documentation. She attended the Clarion West Writers Workshop in 1989.[3] Her first mass market paperback, Watchers in the Night (Tor Paranormal Romance), came out in 2006.[4]

Black is represented by the Irene Goodman Literary Agency and is a member of the online writing blog, Deadline Dames.[5]

  • Hamlet Dreams (2001)

As Jenna Black[edit]


  • Replica (2013)
  • Resistance (2014)
  • Revolution (2014)

Guardians of the Night Series[edit]

  1. Watchers in the Night (2006)
  2. Secrets in the Shadows (2007)
  3. Shadows on the Soul (2007)
  4. Hungers of the Heart (2008)

Morgan Kingsley Series[edit]

  1. The Devil Inside (2007)
  2. The Devil You Know (2008)
  3. The Devil's Due (2008)
  4. Speak of the Devil (2009)
  5. The Devil's Playground (2010)

Faeriewalker series[edit]

  1. Glimmerglass (2011)
  2. Shadowspell (2011)
  3. Sirensong (2010)

Stand-alone novels[edit]

  • Nightstruck (2016)

Nikki Glass series[edit]

  1. Dark Descendant (2011) - (Simon & Schuster / Cover Art: Nathália Suellen) - ISBN 978-1451606799
  2. Deadly Descendant (2012) - (Simon & Schuster) - ISBN 9781451606805
  3. Rogue Descendant (2013) - ISBN 9781476700083

Free Reads[edit]

  • Embraced in Darkness (2005–06) (can be downloaded for free from her website)
  • The Matchmaker’s Curse (can be downloaded for free if you become a member of her Free Reads Yahoo group)


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