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Jenner & Block LLP
Jenner & Block's Logo
Headquarters 353 North Clark
Chicago, Illinois, United States
No. of offices 5[1]
No. of attorneys 434[2]
Major practice areas General practice
Key people Anton R. Valukas, Chairman;[3] Terrence J. Truax, Managing Partner
Revenue $408M (2014)[4]
Date founded 1914
Founder Jacob Newman, Conrad Poppenhusen, and Henry Stern[5]
Company type Limited liability partnership
Slogan When it's a matter of importance.
Jenner & Block

Jenner & Block is a United States-based law firm with offices in Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington, D.C.[6] The firm is active in corporate litigation, business transactions, the public sector and other legal fields. It has litigated several prominent cases before the United States Supreme Court. As of 2014, it is the 103rd largest law firm in the U.S., based on The American Lawyer's annual ranking of firms by headcount.[7]


The firm was founded in Chicago 1914 as Newman, Poppenhusen & Stern. Since its founding, the firm has had 10 names. Name Partner Albert E. Jenner, Jr., a former assistant counsel to the Warren Commission, established Jenner & Block's longstanding relationship representing General Dynamics in the 1950s.[8] The name of the firm was changed to Raymond Mayer Jenner & Block in 1964 after Samuel W. Block became a name partner. In 1969, it was shortened to its present title.

Jenner & Block was one of the first national law firms to establish a Washington D.C. practice specifically focused on appeals before the U.S. Supreme Court. It was once headed by Bruce Ennis, Jr., who argued more than a dozen cases before the Supreme Court, including three cases arising under different provisions of the same law, the landmark Telecommunications Act of 1996. The appellate practice is led by Paul M. Smith, a partner with the firm.[9] The current U.S. solicitor general, Donald Verrilli Jr., is a former member of the practice.[10] A number of lawyers in the Washington D.C. office have served as clerks to the Supreme Court.[11][12]

Prominent cases and legal work[edit]

The firm has a history of litigating and representation in prominent cases, including several argued before the U.S. Supreme Court. The firm's 1985 antitrust lawsuit of AT&T, on behalf of MCI, sowed the seeds for the eventual break-up of telecommunications monopoly in the 1980s.[13]

In 2009, firm Chairman Anton R. Valukas was appointed as the examiner in the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, and he hired Jenner & Block to produce the report that captured the findings of a year-long investigation of the bank’s finances.[14][15][16] In 2010, the firm oversaw General Motors’ $23.1 billion initial public offering of common stock and Series B mandatory convertible junior preferred stock, the largest U.S. IPO ever at the time.[17][18]

Jenner & Block has also recorded several victories before the U.S. Supreme Court regarding free speech, gay rights, copyright, civil procedure, political asylum and other matters. The firm’s first principal litigator, Edward R. Johnston, earned the firm's first Supreme Court victory, a landmark antitrust case against the U.S. government (Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association v. U.S.) that allowed for trade association members to exchange information.[19]

Honors and awards[edit]

The firm has won awards for its work.[20] In 2014, Jenner & Block was ranked first among all U.S. law firms in the volume of its pro bono work, according to The American Lawyer.[21] With a top ranking in 2014, the firm has ranked first in pro bono work in five of the past seven years, according to The American Lawyer annual rankings.[22] In January 2015, the firm was ranked "Bankruptcy Group of the Year" by Law360.[23] Also in 2014, The National Law Journal named Jenner & Block to its "Appellate Hot List," a list of 20 national firms "with outstanding achievements before the U.S. Supreme Court, federal circuit courts and state courts of last resort."[24]

In 2012 and 2013, it was listed as one of the 20 most elite law firms by The American Lawyer, with inclusion on the magazine's A-List for revenue generation, pro-bono commitment, associate satisfaction and diversity representation.[25] In 2012 and 2014, the firm was awarded the Chambers USA "Award for Excellence" as the top law firm for media and entertainment litigation.[26] In 2005, the firm received the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty's "Legal Service Award" for its work with death row inmates.[27][28]


Jenner & Block is headquartered in downtown Chicago. In 1982, the firm opened an office in Washington, D.C.[29] In 2005, a New York City office was launched[30] followed by the opening of a Los Angeles office in 2009. In April 2015, the firm opened a London office, its first outside of the U.S.[31]


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