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Jennifer Betit Yen (born in New York City, New York) is an actor, lawyer, producer, and writer.[1]

As an actor, Betit Yen has performed for East West Players and The Manhattan Theatre Source.[2] She was cast in New Amsterdam, Royal Pains, Search Party, and America's Most Wanted, among others. She also completed voiceover work for Reading Rainbow and Beacon Street Girls.[3][4]

Since 2012, she has been president of The Film Lab, a non-profit dedicated to the promotion of diversity in media[1][5] and launched its first production arm, AAFL TV.[1] Her work at The Film Lab has been covered by HuffPost,[6] Backstage (magazine),[7] and other media outlets.[8]

Her screenplay, The Opposite of a Fairy Tale, received grant funding from the Ms. Foundation for Women.[9]

Betit Yen writes the blog Ethical is Beautiful. Be Beautiful.[10]


Betit Yen wrote and starred in the 2009 Accolade Award-winning web series La La Land in 2009.[11] She also starred in the web series My Not So Subonscious.[12]

Betit Yen’s feature film debut, Interrogation, was an official selection of the Boston International Film Festival.[13]


She created the television series Mirror Mirror, a sitcom about corporate sexual harassment.[14]

Betit Yen launched the television series Film Lab Presents "to re-shape perceptions of people of color in the mainstream media in a genuine, positive and meaningful manner.”[15] The municipal network NYC Media broadcast the series.[16]


Betit Yen appeared in the Manhattan Theatre Source’s Paper Dragon in the role of Bot.[17] She also created the IWATTAU ("Immigrants: We Are Them. They Are Us") project, utilizing interactive live theatre and story telling to address issues of racism and xenophobia.[18]


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