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Jennifer Cramblett incident
LocationOhio, United States

The Jennifer Cramblett incident took place in Ohio, United States in 2014, when Jennifer Cramblett, a white woman in a lesbian relationship,[1] gave birth to a multiracial female child. Cramblett had requested a sperm donor from a Caucasian man and instead was impregnated by the sperm donated by an African American man.[2][3][4]

The incident made national headlines and Cramblett and her domestic partner Amanda Zinkon[5] filed a lawsuit against the sperm bank which they eventually lost.[6][7][8]

In the law suit Cramblett said she the incident was "an unplanned transracial parent-child relationship for which she was not, and is not, prepared."[2]

Cramblett also claimed the law suit was "not about race".[9]


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