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Jennifer Elster
Jennifer Elster
Born New York City, New York
Education New York University (NYU)
Occupation Filmmaker, writer, artist, performer, photographer

Jennifer Elster is an American experimental artist, filmmaker, writer, photographer, performer, as well as fashion stylist and fashion designer. She is the founder of The Development, a film studio based in New York City. She designs accessories under the J. Elster brand. She is best known for her experimental films.


Jennifer Elster was born and raised in New York City.[1] She worked as a fashion stylist in Manhattan during the early 2000s, while attending New York University.[2][3] Elster began her career at Conde Nast, working as a fashion assistant for Mademoiselle but later leaving to work as a freelance conceptual fashion stylist.[1][3] She was able to move towards film after she started recruiting well known celebrities to work with her.[3]

The Being Experience was a multimedia project of Elster's started with clues online in 2010.[4] A diverse group of people collaborated with her, including Moby, Temple Grandin and Yoko Ono.[4] On the 25th of each month, Elster would release a new installment of the project online.[5]

In May of 2017, she performed Amid the Beauty and Cemetery: Is Death? at the New Museum.[6] She also screened her video art titled, Unknown.[6] Elster also participates in others' work, including performing in TRANS-Ville at the Catinca Tabacaru Gallery in September of 2017.[7]


Year Film Credited as Notes
Director Screen Writer Producer Actor Role
2001 Dirty Yes Yes Yes No
2001 Ill Will Yes Yes Yes No
2003 Particles of Truth[2][8] Yes Yes Yes Yes Lilli Black
2005 Life on the Ledge No No Yes No
2013 In the Woods (The Being Experience) Yes No Yes No Designed as a multi-part series. Featuring Dave Matthews, Terrence Howard, Moby, Temple Grandin, Famke Janssen.[9][10]


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