Jennifer French (sailor)

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Jennifer French
Personal information
Nationality American
Born 1971
Royalton, Ohio

Jennifer French is an American SKUD 18 Para sailor.


French was born in 1971 in Royalton, Ohio. Currently she is attending Bridgewater State University and is a member of St. Petersburg Yacht Club[1] She is married to Tim French and is friends with P. Hunter Peckham, who is a physician at the Functional Electrical Stimulation director and a sail boat racer as well.[2]

French was paralyzed after she damaged her spinal cord while snowboarding in 1998.[3]

She started participating in the Olympics in 2009 at the United States Disabled Sailing Championship, where she earned first place. She took fifth place at Rolex Miami OCR the same year, and first place the following year. Her awards went down from gold to bronze in two years. In 2011, she won a silver medal at IFDS Worlds and a year later went down to bronze at another annual Rolex Miami ISAF Sailing World Cup. At the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London, she won another silver medal for sailing.[1]


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