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Jennifer K Dick, (born 1970) American poet, translator and educator/scholar born in Minnesota, raised in Iowa and currently living in Mulhouse, France. Jennifer K Dick has been classified as a post-L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E school poet with a strong background in lyric and narrative tradition.

She has taught American Literature, Creative Writing, and English. Her doctoral research and critical writings on contemporary cross-genre poets and prose authors are in the field of Comparative Literature with an accent on Visual studies, Modernism, Postmodernism and the Avant-garde, including work on Susan Howe, Myung Mi Kim, Anne-Marie Albiach, Claude Royet-Journoud, Lisa Jarnot, and Maurice Roche. Dick also holds a Master of Fine Arts in poetry from Colorado State University where she worked with Laura Mullen.[1]


  • Fluorescence (University of Georgia Press, 2004, Contemporary Poetry Series)[2]
  • Retina/Rétine (Estepa Editions, Paris, France 2005) with artwork by Kate Van Houten and translations by Rémi Bouthonnier.
  • ENCLOSURES (BlazeVox, New York, NY, 2007)
In anthologies and collaborations
  • Criticism: Chapter 1, on Myung Mi Kim (in French) in L’Ecriture emprisonnée[3] edited by Judit Maar and Jean Bessière (L'Harmattan, France, 2007).
  • Poems: “A Dark Continent”, “The Price of an Idea” in Moosehead Anthology X: Future Welcome, an anthology of science-based poems edited by Todd Swift, DC Books, Canada, 2005.
  • Poems: “The Memory Machine”, “Mucking Around in the Wetware” in Beyond the Valley of the Contemporary Poets, a VCP Anthology, ed Elizabeth Ianacci, Los Angeles, CA 2004.
  • Poem: “Theater” in In the Criminal's Cabinet: An Nthology of Poetry and Fiction, ed Val Stevenson and Todd Swift, nthposition press, London, 2004.
  • Poem: “Where” in SHORT FUSE: The Global Anthology of New Fusion Poetry, ed. Todd Swift and Paul Norton, Rattapallax Press, NYC, USA, 2002, and “After” in the e-book anthology extension, 2002.
  • Poem: “Election Day” in 100 Poets Against the War, ed. Todd Swift, Salt Press, UK, 2003.
In journals

Other works have appeared in over 50 journals such as Colorado Review, Gargoyle Magazine, American Letters & Commentary, Tears in the Fence, Denver Quarterly, Cutbank, Barrow Street and Aufgabe. Dick has conducted interviews with many contemporary poets who have had an influence on her work, such as Alice Notley,[4] Cole Swensen,[5] Marilyn Hacker,[6] and Mary Jo Bang (who was the previous poetry editor of Boston Review).

Paris scene and Ivy writers[edit]

In 1993, Jennifer K Dick moved to France for the first time, but it was only after returning to Paris following her MFA in 1999 that Dick became involved with a young North American writing scene.

In 1999, Dick became editor-in-chief for the Paris-based international literature and arts review Upstairs at Duroc (issues 2-6). At this time, Dick met American poet and translator Michelle Noteboom (author of Edging, Cracked Slab Books, 2005). Vance, Noteboom, Beck and Dick formed a four-voice poetry performance group called "Quadriphonics" which drew a full house at each of its events.

In 2005, Dick and Noteboom co-founded IVY Writers series in Paris Ivy Writers promotes exchange between authors from France and primarily the USA with monthly readings for the public. These performances bring together prominent poets from various countries who work primarily in an experimental vein of writing.


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