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Jennifer MacLean

Jennifer MacLean was Chief Executive Officer at 38 Studios,[1] an independent game developer.

After beginning her career working with Brian Reynolds and Sid Meier at Microprose Software[2] in 1992, she joined AOL in 1996, where she became Programming Director for the Games Channel.[3] She went on to become Vice President and General Manager of Games at Comcast Corporation,[4] and the Chair of the Board of Directors for the International Game Developers Association.[3] In March, 2008 she joined 38 Studios as Senior Vice President of business development, and moved into the position of CEO in the same company on August, 2009.[1] MacLean left the 38 Studios upon its bankruptcy in 2012; dating her departure to March 2012, when she took a leave of absence.[5]

She is a frequent speaker at interactive entertainment industry events, and has earned a BA in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins University and an MBA with a concentration in International Business from the Columbia Business School. MacLean was named one of the "Game Industry's 100 Most Influential Women" by Next Generation[6] and one of the top 20 Women in Games by Gamasutra.[7]


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