Jennifer Murray

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Jennifer Murray
Born June 1940
Providence, Rhode Island
Known for First helicopter circumnavigation of the globe by a woman
Spouse(s) Simon Murray
Children 3

Jennifer Murray (born June 1940 in Providence, Rhode Island) circumnavigated the globe aboard a Robinson R44 helicopter the distance of 36,000 miles in 97 days in 2000, earning her the current Guinness World Record for the first helicopter circumnavigation by a woman.

She is the daughter of Sir William Mather, the British industrialist who was chairman of Mather & Platt.[1]

Awards and honours[edit]

  • Rhode Island Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee 2005
  • The Gambia issued a postage stamp in her honour in 2004
  • Royal Aero Club - 1997 Silver Medal, 2000 Britannia Trophy
  • Brabazon Cup
  • Harmon Trophy
  • Inducted in Forest of Friendship

Fastest circumnavigation[edit]

In August 1997 she flew around the world with Quentin Smith in her Robinson R44.[2] On 6 September 2000, Murray became the first woman to make a solo flight around the world in a helicopter. The journey took 97 days.[3][4]

Pole to pole[edit]

In 2007 Murray successfully co-piloted a circumnavigation of the Earth by the north and south poles with pilot Colin Bodill.[5][6] Their first attempt in 2003 ended in a near fatal crash in Antarctica.[7][8]

Racing The Planet Nepal[edit]

Jennifer is an entrant for Racing the Planet Nepal, a 250 km Ultramarathon starting on 20 November 2011. If she finishes the race she will set a world record as the oldest female to complete an Ultramarathon. She is running to raise funds for The Friends of The Scott Polar Research Institute.


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