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Jennifer Paull
Jennifer Irène Schulcz

(1944-11-24) 24 November 1944 (age 75)
Liverpool, England

Jennifer Irène Paull is a musician, publisher, lecturer, and author.

Jennifer Paull was born in Liverpool, England, 24 November 1944, as Jennifer Irène Schulcz. Her father changed the family name when she was 5. He was born in the Hungarian speaking regions of the Austro–Hungarian Empire (Slovakia at that time). Her mother was of Scottish and Welsh descent. Through her paternal grandmother, Jennifer Paull is directly related to the composers Giacomo Meyerbeer, Felix Mendelssohn and Arnold Schönberg.[1]


Jennifer Paull is an oboe d'amore (alto oboe) soloist. Her career has been spent in researching, and commissioning from living composers, works for all the rare members of the oboe family, the oboe d'amore in particular. Her aim was to make this virtually forgotten instrument into a contemporary recital voice, not simply of the Baroque era with which it was mostly associated when she first began her mission during her studies at the Royal College of Music, London (1964). Edwin Carr was the first international composer to write for her during the late 1960s and others followed as she became known for her specialisation and as a soloist. Insufficient material existed before her pioneering work to sustain a recital career upon this instrument.

She quickly became established as an oboe d'amore expert, in particular with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, formerly known as the BBC Northern Orchestra, with which she recorded oboe d'amore obbligati in the BBC Bach Cantata Series. She was later to abandon orchestral playing completely to concentrate entirely on her career as a soloist, playing the oboe d'amore exclusively.

She gave recitals at home and in Europe with John McCabe, who composed both a concerto Concerto for Oboe d'Amore and Chamber Orchestra and Dance-Prelude (for oboe d'amore and piano) for her. The duo were honoured to give the première of this piece (commissioned by the Merseyside Arts Council and the City of Liverpool at the Royal Variety Performance in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II, at the Liverpool Empire Theatre (1971).

Many works have been written for her, including six each by Leonard Salzedo and Edwin Carr. The Australian composer, Ian Keith Harris, has, to date, written sixteen.

She had worked in Novello & Co., music publishers in London as Promotion Manager (1970/1972). Contact with their house composers and, through her recital and publishing work, with many others, she worked in the management of Bruno Maderna and closely with Cathy Berberian. Her repertoire through such contacts grew sufficiently for her to establish her own company in the mid 1990s, based entirely on the fruits of her work [1]. Amoris International ('Amoris' being the Latin translation of 'd'amore') was the result.

In 1995 she recorded The Oboe d'Amore Collection Volume I, the first ever CD devoted exclusively to the oboe d'amore, and in 1996, The Oboe d'Amore Collection Volume II[2] and The Amoris Consort Collection.[3] A further CD of the Telemann Oboe d'Amore Concerto in A Major was recorded (1997) with the Craiova "Oltenia" Philarmonic Orchestra under Michel Barras, for the Association François-Xavier Bagnoud.


In 2009 Jennifer Paull donated her entire published repertoire to the Werner Icking Music Archive (WIMA), see WIMA's Amoris page

Personal life[edit]

Jennifer Paull, a synæsthete, has four children, two daughters and two sons; Patrick Hufschmid, a celebrated luthier and Pascal Hufschmid, an art historian and world-renowned expert on art photography. She lives in Switzerland near the French border in a wine-growing village not far from Montreux.


Jennifer Paull has written many articles for specialist double reed society magazines and others, in particular the classical music magazine, Music and Vision Daily.[4]


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