Jennifer Rush (1992 album)

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Jennifer Rush
Jennifer Rush 1992.jpg
Studio album by Jennifer Rush
Released 30 October 1992
Genre Pop rock, adult contemporary
Label EMI
Producer Rick Nowels, Desmond Child and others
Jennifer Rush chronology
The Power of Jennifer Rush
Jennifer Rush
Out of My Hands

Jennifer Rush is the sixth studio album by American singer Jennifer Rush.

Released in Europe in 1992, the album proved less of a hit than her previous work and peaked in Germany at #35 (her most successful market).[citation needed] Singles released were "Never Say Never", "A Broken Heart" and "Vision of You" (a cover of the Belinda Carlisle song).[1] Among the songwriters and producers on the album were successful hitmakers Rick Nowels, Ellen Shipley and Desmond Child. Due to the non-charting of her last two albums, this went unreleased in the UK and US.

Rush has said that track "Timeless Love" is one of her favourite own songs, while fans were surprised by the closing track "I Can't Say No", which was a complete departure from Rush's normal output - being a contemporary dance track.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Vision of You" (Rick Nowels, Ellen Shipley) 4.31
  2. "I'm in It for Love" (Andy Goldmark, Patrick Henderson) 4.12
  3. "Everything" (Desmond Child, Carole Rowley, Matt Noble) 4.09
  4. "Wherever You Are" (David Scott Bartky, Bob Martinez) 4.20
  5. "Never Say Never" (Rick Barron, Don Cromwell) 3.46
  6. "Unwanted Child" (Rick Nowels, Ellen Shipley) 4.18
  7. "Who I Am" (Michael O' Hara, Denise Rich, Alan Rich) 3.56
  8. "Waiting for the Heartache" (Desmond Child, Jimmy Barnes) 4.28
  9. "A Broken Heart" (Dave Dunhill, Mick Dash, Alan Barton, Rush) 4.07
  10. "Timeless Love" (Desmond Child) 3.58
  11. "I Can't Say No" (Peter Columbus, Oliver Kels, Willy Viteka, Rush) 3.31


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