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The Jennings Cup is the longest consecutively awarded ice hockey cup in the world. Presented in 1898 by William T. Jennings for the University of Toronto interfaculty ice hockey tournament, it has been disputed every year since then. At the present, it is disputed twice a year by the men's ice hockey teams of the three campus of the University of Toronto.


In 1898 the Jennings Cup was presented to the School of Practical Science, University of Toronto, for competition in ice hockey. Its presenter, William T. Jennings, was a civil engineer, a chairman in Engineering, and a hockey enthusiast who strongly believed in athletics [1] . The donation of the cup brought attention to hockey at the university and stimulated an interfaculty competition. .[2]

The first interfaculty hockey champion to win the Jennings Cup was the Applied Science Team in the year 1899–1900. Since then, the cup has been disputed every year, and today it is presented to the men's ice hockey champions of the University of Toronto Intramural tournament. Although the Stanley Cup is five years older, it was not awarded every year, in 1918–1919 to the Spanish Influenza pandemic, and recently because of the 2004–05 NHL lockout. Therefore, the Jennings Cup is the longest consecutively awarded ice hockey trophy in the world.

Jennings Cup Winners[edit]

Interfaculty Tournament: 1899 - 1944[1][edit]

Year Team
1899–1900 Applied Science
1900–1901 McMaster College
1901–1902 Dentistry
1902–1903 Applied Science
1903–1904 Applied Science
1904–1905 Applied Science
1905–1906 Dentistry
1906–1907 Applied Science
1907–1908 Applied Science
1908–1909 Dentistry
1909–1910 Victoria College
1910–1911 Dentistry
1911–1912 Victoria College
1912–1913 Applied Science
1913–1914 Dentistry
1914–1915 Dentistry
1915–1916 Dentistry
1916–1917 Applied Science
1917–1918 Dentistry
1918–1919 Dentistry
1919–1920 Medicine
1920–1921 Trinity College
1921–1922 Victoria College
1922–1923 Dentistry
1923–1924 Medicine
1924–1925 Applied Science
1925–1926 Victoria College
1926–1927 Victoria College
1927–1928 Victoria College
1928–1929 Dentistry
1929–1930 St. Michael's College
1930–1931 St. Michael's College
1931–1932 Dentistry
1932–1933 Victoria College
1933–1934 Victoria College
1934–1935 Victoria College
1935–1936 Victoria College
1936–1937 Victoria College
1937–1938 Victoria College
1938–1939 Trinity College
1939–1940 Trinity College
1940–1941 Applied Science
1941–1942 Applied Science
1942–1943 Applied Science
1943–1944 University College

Intramural: 2001 - 2014[3][edit]

Year Season Div 1 Contact Div 1 Non-Contact Div 2 Non-Contact Div 3 Non-Contact Div 4 Non-Contact
2013-14 Fall Victoria A Architecture SMC B
Winter Skule A Dentistry Beta Dragons
2011-12 Fall UTSC Rotman MBA Pharmacy
Winter Rotman MBA
2010-11 Fall UTM Victoria Rotman MBA Medicine Music
Winter St. Michael's College A Victoria PT/OT UTSC Cougars
2009-10 Fall UTM B UTSC B Victoria Forestry OISE
Winter St. Michael's College A UTSC C Law PT/OT OISE
2008-09 Fall St. Michael's College A Trinity UTSC B Medicine New
Winter St. Michael's College A Trinity New Architecture Skule
2007-08 Fall St. Michael's College A University College UTSC B Pharmacy Political Animals
Winter St. Michael's College A Trinity Rotman MBA Biohazards Meds B
2006-07 Fall St. Michael's College A Trinity Meds A LCA Pharmacy
Winter Skule Trinity Biohazards U.C. Commerce
2005-06 Fall FPEH Trinity UTSC C SGS PhysChem Pharmacy
Winter St. Michael's College A UTSC B Victoria Football
2004-05 Fall Woodsworth UTSC B Victoria Innis Pharmacy
Winter Skule A Biohazards Victoria B LCA Skule Kids
2003-04 Fall Skule B FPEH Dentistry A Skule Kids
Winter Victoria A FPEH MBA Dentistry FPEH B
2002-03 Fall Skule A FPEH MBA Dentistry Economics
Winter Victoria A FPEH MBA I Dentistry A FPEH B
2001-02 Fall UTSC Law FPEH MBA Skule


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