Jennings Randolph Bridge

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Western side and northern portal

The Jennings Randolph Bridge, built in 1977, is the largest Pratt truss bridge in North America, spanning 754 feet over the Ohio River between Chester, West Virginia and East Liverpool, Ohio. The bridge, which is located on U.S. Route 30, is named after West Virginian Democratic Senator Jennings Randolph. It replaced the former Chester Bridge, which was built in 1897. The bridge has recently undergone painting work where North Star Painting Co. Inc. utilized a three-part system of organic zinc, intermediate coat of aluminum carbothane, and epoxy top coat that was selected by the West Virginia Department of Highways.[1]


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Coordinates: 40°37′9.5″N 80°33′42.0″W / 40.619306°N 80.561667°W / 40.619306; -80.561667