Jenny Hill (politician)

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Councilor Jenny Hill, current Mayor of the City of Townsville.

Jenny Hill is an Australian politician, currently serving as the Mayor of Townsville,[1] which is the 18th largest local government area in Australia. She was elected to the position during the Queensland Local Government elections held 28 April 2012. Prior to serving as Mayor, Jenny was a city councillor and previously held the position of Deputy Mayor, under the previous pre-amalgamation Townsville City Council in the Labor administration of Tony Mooney between 2007 and 2008.

Hill came to Townsville as the wife of a soldier in 1982, expecting to stay only briefly. She worked as a microbiologist, and later received a Master's degree in Public health. She was first elected to the Townsville City Council in 1997. She is a member of the Labor Party.[2]

Hill also ran as the Labor Party candidate for the federal seat of Herbert in the 2001 federal election. She was defeated by the then incumbent Liberal member, Peter Lindsay.