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The Honourable
Jenny Mikakos
Member of the Victorian Legislative Council
Assumed office
18 September 1999
Personal details
Born (1969-01-25) 25 January 1969 (age 48)
Political party Australian Labor Party

Jenny Mikakos (born 25 January 1969) is an Australian politician for the Australian Labor Party. She is currently the Minister for Families, Children and Youth Affairs and a Member of the Legislative Council for Northern Metropolitan Region.[1]

Mikakos was first elected as the Member for Jika Jika Province in the State of Victoria in September 1999.[1] From 1999 until 2006, she represented the Legislative Council province of Jika Jika.[1] Mikakos' electorate was abolished at the 2006 election as part of major reforms of the Legislative Council introduced after the 2002 election, but she won the second position on the Labor ticket for the replacement electorate, the larger, five-member North Metropolitan Province, and was returned for a third term. She was first on the Labor ticket at the 2010 election.

After the 2002 election she was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Justice with particular responsibility for the Aboriginal Justice Forum,[2] the Attorney-General's Advisory Committee on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Issues [3]and the Women's Correctional Services Advisory Committee. [4] From 2007 until 2010 she was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Planning. In Parliament, Mikakos voted against the human cloning bill but for stem cell research, for abortion decriminalisation and for assisted reproductive technology reforms. These bills were subject to a conscience votes in the Labor Party.

She attended Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School, Thornbury High School,[1] and the University of Melbourne where she obtained arts and law degrees. Before her election to Parliament, Mikakos worked as a commercial and tax lawyer for King & Wood Mallesons and Jerrard & Stuk. She was briefly a Councillor with the City of Northcote in the early 1990s.[5]


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