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Jenny Randles
Stacksteads, Lancashire,[1] England, United Kingdom

Jenny Randles is a British author and former director of investigations with the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), serving in that role from 1982 through to 1994.[1]


Randles specializes in writing books on UFOs and paranormal phenomena. To date 50 of these have been published, ranging from her first UFOs: A British Viewpoint (1979) to Breaking the Time Barrier: The race to build the first time machine (2005). Subjects covered include crop circles, ESP, life after death, time anomalies and spontaneous human combustion.

She has also written skeptical investigations solving cases - including, co-authored with Dr David Clarke and Andy Roberts, The UFOs That Never Were (London House, 2000).

Randles has written articles for many publications including New Scientist, and has sold more than 1.5 million copies of her published books.[2]

It was stated in 1997 that her books had been published in 24 countries.[3][4]

Between 1993 and 1997 she was the story consultant to all series and a live episode of the ITV dramatized documentary series Strange but True? which featured many major cases from around the world. Its special on the Rendlesham Forest case, which Jenny was one of the first to investigate shortly after it happened, obtained over 12 million viewers, and became the most watched programme on the subject on UK TV.

Jenny also wrote two books, Strange But True? and Strange But True? Casebook tied to the TV series (Piatkus, 1994 and 1995)

She has also written and presented documentary work for BBC TV and radio.[3]

Randles is a columnist for the magazines Fortean Times and has spoken at the UnConvention.

She coined the term, 'Oz Factor', describing the odd state of consciousness involving changes to the perception of time and space, during which strange phenomena and close encounters can occur.

She was for many years the editor of Northern UFO News (a 12-20 page A5 journal detailing UFO activity within Northern England) from 1974 up to 2001. Northern UFO News is now published freely online monthly still edited by Randles.


Books by Randles include:[5]

  • Jenny Randles (2005). Breaking the Time Barrier: The Race to Build the First Time Machine. Simon & Schuster.
  • Jenny Randles (2003). Supernatural Isle of Man. Robert Hale.
  • Jenny Randles (2003). Supernatural Pennines. Robert Hale.
  • Jenny Randles (2001). Time Storms: The Amazing Evidence of Time Warps, Space Rifts and Time Travel. Piatkus.
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  • Jenny Randles; Andy Roberts; David Clarke (2000). The UFOs That Never Were. London House. ISBN 1902809351.
  • Jenny Randles (2000). Little Giant Encyclopedia of UFOs. Sterling Pub.
  • Jenny Randles (2000). Supernatural Causes: Case Studies of Mysterious Death and Injury. London House.
  • Jenny Randles (1999). The Complete Book Aliens and Abductions. Piatkus.
  • Jenny Randles (1999). UFO! Danger in the Air. Sterling Pub.
  • Jenny Randles (1998). Truly Weird: Real-life Cases of the Paranormal. Collins & Brown.
  • Jenny Randles (1998). UFO Crash Landing? Friend or Foe?: The Full Story of the Rendlesham Forest Close Encounter. Blandford.
  • Jenny Randles (1998). Something in the Air. Robert Hale.
  • Jenny Randles (1997). Men in Black: Investigating the Truth Behind the Phenomenon. Piatkus.
  • Jenny Randles (1997). Alien Contact: The First Fifty Years. Barnes & Noble. ISBN 9780760705452.
  • Jenny Randles; Peter A. Hough (1997). The Complete Book of UFOs: 50 Years of Alien Contacts and Encounters. Piatkus.
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  • Jenny Randles (1994). Star Children: The True Story of Alien Offspring Among Us. Hale.
  • Jenny Randles; Peter A. Hough (1994). The Complete Book of UFOs: The Investigation into Alien Contacts and Encounters. Piatkus.
  • Jenny Randles (1994). Time Travel: Fact, Fiction and Possibility. Blandford.
  • Jenny Randles; Peter A. Hough (1993). Encyclopedia of the Unexplained. Blitz Editions.
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  • Jenny Randles; Peter Hough (1993). The Afterlife: An Investigation into the Mysteries of Life After Death. Piatkus.
  • Jenny Randles (1992). UFOs and How to See Them. Barnes & Noble.
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  • Jenny Randles (1991). From Out of the Blue: The Incredible UFO Cover-Up at Bentwaters NATO Air Base. Global Communications.
  • Jenny Randles; Paul Fuller (1990). Crop Circles: A Mystery Solved. Hale.
  • Jenny Randles (1990). Mind Monsters: Invaders from Inner Space?. Aquarian.
  • Jenny Randles (1989). Phantoms of the Soap Operas. Hale.
  • Jenny Randles; Peter Hough (1988). Death By Supernatural Causes?. Grafton.
  • Jenny Randles (1988). Alien Abductions: the Mystery Solved: Over 200 Documented UFO Kidnappings Investigated. Inner Light Publications.
  • Jenny Randles (1988). Abduction: Scientific Exploration of Alleged Kidnaps by Alien Beings. Headline.
  • Jenny Randles (1987). UFO Conspiracy: From the Official Case Files of the World's Leading Nations. Barnes & Noble. ISBN 1566191955.
  • Jenny Randles (1987). Sixth Sense: Psychic Powers and Your Five Senses. Hale.
  • Jenny Randles (1987). The UFO Conspiracy: The First Forty Years. Blandford.
  • Jenny Randles; Peter Warrington (1985). Science and the UFOs. B. Blackwell.
  • Jenny Randles (1985). Beyond Explanation? The Paranormal Experiences of Famous People. Hale.
  • Jenny Randles; Brenda Butler; Dot Street (1984). Sky Crash: A Cosmic Conspiracy. Neville Spearman.
  • Jenny Randles (1983). The Pennine UFO Mystery. Granada.
  • Jenny Randles (1983). UFO Reality: A Critical Look at the Physical Evidence. Hale.
  • Jenny Randles (1981). UFO Study: A Handbook for Enthusiasts. Robert Hale.
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