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Jenny Tomasin
Jenny Tomasin.jpg
Born22 March 1938
Died3 January 2012(2012-01-03) (aged 73)
Years active1972–2006

Jenny Tomasin (22 March 1938[1][2]– 3 January 2012) was an English actress best known for her roles in Upstairs, Downstairs and Emmerdale.[3]


Tomasin's first major role came in the 1970s when she joined the cast of the London Weekend Television period drama Upstairs, Downstairs as Ruby, the kitchen maid to the Bellamy family.[4]

Tomasin appeared in the series from 1972, until it came to an end in 1975. She appeared in 41 episodes.[5] Plans were made for a spin-off series featuring Ruby, and fellow Upstairs, Downstairs characters Hudson and Mrs Bridges; however, the series was never made due to the death of actress Angela Baddeley. Tomasin's subsequent television appearances consisted mostly of discussion about her time in Upstairs, Downstairs, and her difficulties staying in the acting profession.[6]

In 1985, Tomasin guest starred in the Doctor Who serial Revelation of the Daleks, the final episode before the series went on an 18-month hiatus, as the character Tasambeker.[7] Tomasin also held two roles in the soap opera Emmerdale. In 1981–1982 she played Naomi Tolly, daughter of Enoch Tolly, who was killed in a tractor accident. Her second role was as Noreen Bell, a cantankerous villager who died in July 2006. This would be her last role.

Her films were few but included roles in The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972), Mister Quilp (1975), The Trouble with Spies (1987) and Just Ask for Diamond (1988).


Tomasin died on 3 January 2012 from hypertensive heart disease.[3]


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