Jenny Wiley Theatre

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Jenny Wiley Theatre
Formation 1964
Type Theatre group
Artistic director(s)
Martin Childers

Jenny Wiley Theatre is a non-profit organization that puts on productions of classic Broadway musicals, comedies, historical dramas and holiday productions at both the Jenny Wiley Amphitheatre, located within the Jenny Wiley State Resort Park, and surrounding venues. The theater's first musical was South Pacific, performed in the summer of 1965. Some theater alumni have later achieved success in television, film and national theater. These include: Michael Cerveris, who won two Tony awards, one for his performance in Tommy in 1994, and one for his performance in Assassins on Broadway; Christine Johnson, Nettie Fowler in the original Broadway cast of Carousel; Sharon Lawrence from ABC's NYPD Blue and Desperate Housewives; James Barbour, who played the Beast in Disney's Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast and was Tony-nominated for his role as Mr. Rochester in the musical, Jane Eyre; Jim Varney, Ernest Goes to Camp; Tommy Kirk, Old Yeller; Ron Palillo, Welcome Back, Kotter; Eileen Bittman Barnett, Days of Our Lives; Cynthia Bostick, As the World Turns; Lawrence Leritz, Broadway and Beyond; Jeff Silbar, composer of "The Wind Beneath My Wings"; Randy Jones of the Village People singing group; and Paige Davis, host of TLC's Trading Spaces.[1]


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