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Jens-Ole "Ole" Malmgren (born 16 February 1946) is a Danish composer. Piano lessons from Leif Bülow Nielsen 1967-68. He spent some instructive years with Gruppen for Alternativ Musik prior to doing committee work with Det Unge Tonekunstnerselskab (DUT) and Danish Composers Society for a number of years. Works for small and greater ensembles, e.g. "Circulations" to Elisabeth Klein first performed 1976. Read more.[1]

List of works (selected)[2][edit]

  • 1974 "Savoyages" for symphony orchestra in 2 movements
  • 1976 "Circulations" for piano, dedication Elisabeth Klein
  • 1980/2014 ”Omkring Hamlet”, opera in 6 scenes (not finished)
  • 2006 "Symphonic Jazz 1 - Traditional" – "Symphonic Jazz 2 - Avantgarde" is planned
  • 2010 ”Helike Athanatos”, opera in 6 scenes, libretto by Franz Knappik, idea by Andreas Drekis
  • 2013 ”Der BabelƨTurm” for soprano and chamber ensemble, lyrics by Saadi and Goethe
  • 2014 ”We are all travellers” version for choir a capella, lyrics by Maria Fuchs
  • 2015 "Lights" for symphony orchestra with piano


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