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Jens Engebreth Amundsen (27 December 1820 – 15 August 1886) was a significant Norwegian ship-owner in the second half of the 19th century. He was the father of the explorer Roald Amundsen.[1]

Jens Amundsen was born in Snekotta, Hvaler, Østfold, the son of Ole and Anne Kirstine Amundsen. His family had been involved in shipping and were owners of whalers. He was married to Gustava Sahlquist and became the father of four sons. In 1857, he built a home for his family on an area of land in Borge in Østfold. Jens Amundsen became ill and died in 1886 upon a return journey from Great Britain, at which time his famous son, Roald was only 14 years old.[2]


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