Jens Bogren

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Jens Bogren
Born (1979-11-13) 13 November 1979 (age 39)[1]

Jens Peter Daniel Bogren is a Swedish record producer, mixer and recording engineer who has worked on albums by Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Sepultura, Arch Enemy, At the Gates, Katatonia, Babymetal, Soilwork, James LaBrie, Moonspell, God Forbid, Kreator, Devin Townsend, Ihsahn, Dark Tranquillity, Paradise Lost, Amon Amarth, Dragonforce, The Ocean, Haken, Between the Buried and Me, Rotting Christ, Symphony X, Myrath, Angra, Dir En Grey and Powerwolf amongst others. Bogren lives in Örebro, Sweden and is based at Fascination Street Studios.

A chronological "discography" of Bogren's work can be found here:[2]



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