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Jens Jacob Tychsen (born 19 November 1975) is a Danish actor, voice actor and casting/voice director.

Jens Jacob Tychsen graduated from the School of Acting at Aarhus Theatre in 1998 and has since appeared in a number of productions in theatres across the country.

In 1998, he was involved with Aarhus Theatre, where he starred in plays like The Last Temptations, Les Misérables, Servant of Two Masters and A Clockwork Orange.

Jens Jacob Tychsen has also lent his voice to numerous commercials, documentaries and animated films, such as different series of Disney.



TV series[edit]

  • Unit One, Episodes 29–30 (2002) – Simon Friis
  • Hidden Track, Episodes 22–23 (2003) – Joe Smith
  • Krøniken, Episode 10 (2004) – Lawaetz Radio Voice (voice)
  • 2900 Happiness, Episodes 37–41 (2007) – Lars Fromberg
  • Summer, Episode 7 (2008) – Niels
  • The Killing II, Episodes 1–10 (2009) – Erling Krabbe
  • Borgen (2011–2012) – Jacob Kruse


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