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Royal Danish Naval Academy

Jens Christian Jensen Klok (25 January 1889 in Vinderslev - June 16, 1974 in Varde) was a Danish architect.


As an employee at the Navy Building Service, and from 1935 Head of Naval Architecture section, he characterized the Navy buildings with a number of buildings in a unique style. Jens Klok was the son of Laurits Klok and Karoline Adolfsen, and was first a mason apprentice and a construction manager before going to technical school and then he attended school for the practice of architecture, where he graduated in 1929. He received the Academy Bursary award in 1925 and KA Larssen's Scholarship 1927 and was travelled to Italy, France and England to study key architectural influences.


Jens Klok designed the Marine Air Station in Avnsø in 1937 and in Holmen, Copenhagen in 1939. He later designed the Royal Danish Naval Academy office building in 1940, with Holger Sorensen, and had a special exhibition of his works at Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition between 1942-1943. He also designed the Motor Torpedo Workshop in 1953.


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