Jensen H-type

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Jensen H-type
Manufacturer Jensen Motors
Production 1938–1945
Body and chassis
Body style Saloon
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive
Engine 4.3 L I8
Predecessor Jensen S-type
Successor Jensen PW

The Jensen H-type is a saloon car built by Jensen Motors from 1938 through 1945. The car was built on a strengthened Ford chassis and used aluminum for the body panels.[1] The car was sold with a 4,279 cc (4.3 L; 261.1 cu in) OHV straight-eight engine built by Nash. However, there was at least 1 H-type that was fitted with a V12 from the Lincoln Zephyr.[2]

As the car was produced during wartime, the output from the factory in West Bromwich had slowed as raw materials were required in abundance to help the war effort.[3] In total, there were 15 complete examples of the H-type to leave Jensen's factory.[2]

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