Jeong Cheol

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Jeong Cheol
Jeong Cheol
Hangul 정철
Hanja 鄭澈
Revised Romanization Jeong Cheol
McCune–Reischauer Chŏng Ch'ŏl

Jeong Cheol (정철, 1536–1593) was a Korean statesman and poet. He used the pen-names Gyeham (계함) and Songgang(송강), and studied under Kim Yunjae at Hwanbyeokdang. He was expelled by the Easterners.

Literary works[edit]

He is prominent in the gasa and the sijo, which are forms of classical Korean poetry.

  • Gwandong Byeolgok (the Song of the Sceneries of the Gwandong).
  • Samiingok (Mindful of My Seemly Lord).
  • Songgang Gasa (Songgang's Prose Poetry Book).

Popular culture[edit]

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