Jeong Rip

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Jeong Rip
Hangul 정립
Hanja 鄭岦
Revised Romanization Jeong Rip
McCune–Reischauer Chŏng Rip

Jeong Rip (1574 – 1629) was a scholar-official of the Joseon Dynasty Korea.

He was also diplomat and ambassador, representing Joseon interests in the 3rd Edo period diplomatic mission to the Tokugawa shogunate in Japan.[1]

1624 mission to Japan[edit]

Jeong Rip was the leader selected by the Joseon king to head a mission to Japan in 1624.[2] This diplomatic mission functioned to the advantage of both the Japanese and the Koreans as a channel for developing a political foundation for trade.[3]

This delegation was explicitly identified by the Joseon court as a "Reply and Prisoner Repatriation Envoy" (회답겸쇄환사, 回答兼刷還使). This mission was not understood to signify that relations were "normalized."[4]

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