Jeongdok Public Library

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Jeongdok Public Library
Jeongdok public library.jpg
Jeongdok Public Library in 2008
Hangul 정독도서관
Hanja 正讀圖書館
Revised Romanization Jeongdok Dosogwan
McCune–Reischauer Chŏngdŏk Tosogwan
Exiting front entrance, N Seoul Tower and Jongno Tower in distance, 2014.

Jeongdok Public Library (정독도서관) is a library in Seoul, South Korea. It is located in Hwa-dong, Jongno-gu, on Bukchon-ro.

On the campus of Jeongdok Public Library is Jongchinbu (종친부; 宗親府), Seoul Tangible Cultural Property number 9. Jongchinbu was constructed in 1433 and is one of three remaining Joseon Dynasty government buildings. The rest were destroyed in the Japanese invasions, occupation, or the Korean War.[1]

Until February 1976, the site was occupied by the campus of Kyunggi High School. The Jeongdok Library opened in January 1977 on the former site of the school.[2]

Public transportation[edit]

The library is located within 500m of Anguk Station.


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