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Location in Finland
Coat of arms

Jeppo (Finnish: Jepua) is a former municipality of Finland, now a village of Nykarleby.[1] The population is about 1,100; 82% of whom are Swedish-speaking.[2]

KWH Mirka has a factory here that produces coated and non-woven abrasives.[3]

The village is twinned with the Emmaboda Municipality, Sweden.


The original settlement was known as Epu.[4] In 1548 there were 189 inhabitants including 26 farmers. The church was opened in 1861.[4] In 1970, 84.5% of inhabitants were Swedish-speaking and 15.4% Finnish-speaking, thus the former municipality was bilingual. That municipality merged into Nykarleby in 1975.


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Coordinates: 63°24′N 22°37′E / 63.400°N 22.617°E / 63.400; 22.617