Jeptha Knob

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Jeptha Knob
Jeptha Knob is located in Kentucky
Jeptha Knob
Jeptha Knob
Location in Kentucky
Highest point
Elevation 1,188 ft (362 m)  NAVD 88[1]
Coordinates 38°10′38″N 85°06′41″W / 38.177275389°N 85.111378894°W / 38.177275389; -85.111378894Coordinates: 38°10′38″N 85°06′41″W / 38.177275389°N 85.111378894°W / 38.177275389; -85.111378894
Location Shelby County, Kentucky,
United States
Topo map USGS Waddy
Mountain type Astrobleme (unconfirmed)
Easiest route Short hike

Jeptha Knob is the highest point in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky. It is located on private property in Shelby County, Kentucky, about eight miles east of Shelbyville near the hamlet of Clay Village and rises some 300 ft (90 m) higher than the surrounding rolling farmland.


The knob is located almost exactly midway between Lexington and Louisville and is the symbolic dividing point between both cities' hinterlands. There are four points in the area that contend for the highest point.[2] The location and elevation given here is that of a National Geodetic Survey benchmark.

Impact structure[edit]

The Kentucky historical marker at its base calls it a "cryptovolcanic structure", but it is now believed to be the result of an asteroid impact some 425 million years ago.[3] Iridium apparently has been found in anomalously high levels in breccias associated with the structure.[4]

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