Jerden Records

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Jerden Records
Jerden 712 Label.jpeg
Founded 1960
Founder Jerry Dennon, Bonnie Guitar
Status Defunct
Country of origin U.S.
Location Seattle, Washington

Jerden Records was an independent record label which operated from May 1960 through April 1971.

It was based in Seattle and majority owned by Jerry Dennon (JER-DEN) and Bonnie Guitar, both of whom had been involved previously with Dolton Records and the careers of The Fleetwoods on that label. A split with Dolton due to artistic control problems brought about the new Jerden label. Certain Jerden record issues were distributed by Liberty Records.

The label closed after the first year's trading due to a complete lack of success. Its owners went their separate ways although both ended up in Hollywood, Bonnie as an artist for RCA Victor Records and then Dot Records and Dennon doing promotion work for Era Records.

Dennon's promising career in the music business was halted briefly by military service but in late 1962 he was back in circulation and resurrecting his old label as full owner but lack of funds meant that he began releasing old recordings from Jerden's early days...even a disc by Bonnie Guitar herself issued in January 1963.

It was during this second life that The Kingsmen's "Louie Louie" arrived (1963) and it is this million selling disc that is by far the best known of all Dennon's products. In Summer 1964 Jerden updated its label design with a turquoise background. In Fall 1965 Jerden began a distribution agreement with ABC-Paramount Records. This agreement ended in October 1968.

Panorama Records was founded in 1964 by Jerry Dennon and Piccadilly Records in 1966 as well. Piccadilly was used as a regional testing label, releasing artists exclusively only in the Northwest. If the record tested successfully, it was sold to national labels thru licensing deals. Panorama was also used in a similar manner. Both labels ended in 1968.

Burdette Records founded in 1967 by Jerry Dennon was the label that took Jerden's place for national exposure. Burdette was distributed by Tower Records which was a division of Capitol Records. The label ended in 1971.

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