Jeremiah Collins

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Jeremiah Collins
Anthony George portrays Jeremiah
Dark Shadows character
Portrayed by Anthony George (1968)
Timothy Gordon (1968)[1]
Addison Powell (Voice) (1968)[1]
Alex Stevens (1968)[1]
Adrian Paul (1991)[2]
First appearance 1968
Last appearance 1968
Created by Dan Curtis

Jeremiah Collins is a fictional character played primarily by Anthony George during the 1795 flashback on the ABC-TV cult television gothic horror soap opera serial Dark Shadows.


The character of Jeremiah Collins was born in 1763, and was the younger brother of Joshua Collins (Louis Edmonds) and Abigail Collins (Clarice Blackburn); also brother-in-law to Naomi Collins (Joan Bennett). Jeremiah was uncle to Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid) who intended to marry Josette du Pres (Kathryn Leigh Scott).

However, Barnabas had a last minute fling on Martinique in 1795 with Josette's maid, Angelique. Josette was never wiser, even to her death. Angelique heard from Barnabas that he still intended to wed Josette and that Angelique was the merest of flings. This news angered Angelique and she hexed Jeremiah, placing him in her thrall so he would marry Josette instead.

On the evening of Barnabas' and Josette's wedding, under the influence of Angelique, Josette and Jeremiah giddily eloped. Later, feeling guilty or perhaps the spell's effects had weakened, they returned to the Collins' family house to face the consequences of what they had done. After Barnabas Collins learned of their marriage, he challenged Jeremiah to a duel. The family tried to dissuade them, but caught in the passion of the moment, Barnabas insisted it go forward. Jeremiah was mortally wounded; he would later succumb to his wounds at 2:00 A.M.