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Jeremias Felbinger (27 April 1616 – c. 1690) was a German Socinian writer, teacher, and lexicographer.

Felbinger was born in Brzeg. He taught in Koszalin, Helmstadt, Bernstadt auf dem Eigen, Greifswald, and Wrocław, and lived at a "Strasswitz" near Gdańsk.[1][2]

He corresponded with John Biddle (Unitarian) e.g. 1654. Like many Socinian exiles in Amsterdam he appears to have died there in poverty.


Felbinger's most significant works are perhaps his translation of the Remonstrant edition of the Greek New Testament into German, his Greek-German Lexicon of the New Testament, and his "Christian Handbook". A comprehensive list of works is given by Christopher Sand in Bibliotheca Anti-Trinitariorum.[3]

  • 1648 Nomenclatura Latino-Germana
  • 1646 Rhetorica
  • 1646 Politicae Christianae Dutch 1660
  • 1653 Demonstrationes Christianae
  • 1651 Christliches Handbüchlein. Dutch: Christelyke Handboeksken 1675. English translation Christian Handbook 1975.[4]
  • 1657 Greek-German Lexicon of the New Testament.
  • 1660 German New Testament, translation from the Greek edition of "Stephani Curcellaei" 1655 i.e. of Étienne de Courcelles (Curcellaeus) (1586–1659) the French translator of Grotius.
  • 1675 Doctrina Syllogistica


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