Jeremias I of Constantinople

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Jeremias I
Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
Ieremias i.jpg
ChurchChurch of Constantinople
In office31 Dec 1522 – Apr/May 1524
24 Sept 1525 – 13 Jan 1546
PredecessorTheoleptus I
Joannicius I
SuccessorJoannicius I
Dionysius II
Personal details
Died13 January 1546
Previous postArchbishop of Sofia

Jeremias I (Greek: Ιερεμίας Α΄), (? – 13 January 1546) was Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople two times, from 1522 to 1524 and from 1525 to 1546.[1]


Jeremias was a native of Zitsa in Epirus,[2] and was raised without instruction.[3] He became Archbishop of Sofia on or before 1513.[4] On the 31 December 1522 he became Patriarch of Constantinople.[5]

Shortly after his election, he travelled to Cyprus, Egypt, Sinai and Palestine. During his stay in Jerusalem, the clergy and the notables of Constantinople deposed him on April or May 1524, and elected in his place the Metropolitan of Sozopolis, Joannicius I. Jeremias reacted and together with the Patriarchs of Alexandria and Antioch whom he called to Jerusalem, he excommunicated Joannicius.[6] He was restored in Constantinople on 24 September 1525.[1]

In 1537 Jeremias obtained from the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent to stop the conversion of churches into mosques in Constantinople, but this decision was not confirmed by Suleiman's successors.[7] Jeremias died on 13 January 1546 in the town of Vratsa, while travelling to Wallachia.


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Further reading[edit]

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