Jeremy (name)

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Pronunciation /ˈɛr.ə.m/
Gender Male
Language(s) English
Language(s) Hebrew
Other names
Related names Jeremiah, Jérémie, Jérémy

The name Jeremy is a male given name that derives from the Hebrew name Jeremiah. Historically, the meaning of the name derives from Jewish origins and the biblical Hebrew prophet Jeremiah. Within various variations, the name has meant: "Yahweh will uplift," "Exalted of the Lord," or "God will loosen." Other variants and nicknames deriving from the surname include: Jer, Jem, and Jerry.

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The name Jeremy became popular in the United States and the UK in the 1960s going into the 1970s, rising abruptly from being the 296th-ranked most popular male name in 1968 to being the 14th-ranked most popular in 1976.

Popularity of "Jeremy" from 1960–2006
Year Rank
2006 123
2004 111
2000 84
1996 56
1992 47
1988 35
1984 30
1980 18
1976 14
1972 42
1968 296
1964 538
1960 619
Source: Social Security Administration.

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