Jeremy Barrett (figure skater)

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Jeremy Barrett
Caydee Denney Jeremy Barrett 2009 4CC.jpg
Denney and Barrett in 2009.
Personal information
Country represented United States
Born (1984-04-10) April 10, 1984 (age 33)
Sarasota, Florida
Residence Venice, Florida
Height 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Former partner Caydee Denney
Shantel Jordan
Shawn-Marie Andrews
Former coach John Zimmerman
Sylvia Fontana
Jim Peterson
Alison Smith
Lyndon Johnston
Former choreographer David Wilson
Jim Peterson
Skating club Southwest Florida FSC
Began skating 1992
Retired 2011
ISU personal best scores
Combined total 172.47
2010 World Championships
Short program 60.52
2010 World Championships
Free skate 111.95
2010 World Championships

Jeremy Barrett (born April 10, 1984) is an American former pair skater. With Caydee Denney, he became the 2010 U.S. national champion and competed at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Personal life[edit]

Barrett was born on April 10, 1984, in Sarasota, Florida.[1] He married former pair skater Lucy Galleher on April 30, 2016, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.[2]


Barrett began skating at the age of eight. He competed as a single skater on the novice level at the regional level. His first pairs partner was his sister Shawn-Marie and they competed at the U.S. Junior Championships.[3]

Barrett teamed up with Shantel Jordan in 2001. Because of the age difference between them, they were unable to compete internationally on the junior level.[3] They were the 2004 U.S. national junior champions. They competed at the 2005 French Championships as guests and placed first on the senior level. Their partnership ended in 2006.

Barrett began skating with Caydee Denney in 2006 but the partnership did not last. They teamed up again in 2008 and began competing in the 2008-09 season.[4] They placed 4th at the 2008 Nebelhorn Trophy. They won the silver medal at the 2009 U.S. Nationals. They placed sixth at the 2009 Four Continents Championships. The following season they won the U.S. national title and the right to compete at the Olympics where they finished 13th. They placed 7th at the 2010 World Championships.

Denney/Barrett were coached by Jim Peterson in Ellenton, Florida until August 2010, when the pair joined John Zimmerman and Silvia Fontana in Coral Springs, Florida.[5] At the 2011 U.S. Nationals, they won the bronze medal and were assigned to compete at Four Continents, however they were forced to withdraw. Denney accidentally sliced Barrett's calf on his right leg while practicing side-by-side jumps. He explained that "It cut all the way to the muscle, so I had to get 12 stitches on the muscles, 14 to close that up and 16 on the outside."[6]

Denney and Barrett ended their partnership in February 2011.[7] Barrett said he intended to focus on coaching and performing in shows.[7]


(with Denney)

Season Short program Free skating Exhibition

Competitive highlights[edit]

With Denney[edit]

Event 2008–09 2009–10 2010–11
Winter Olympics 13th
World Championships 9th 7th
Four Continents Champ. 6th
GP NHK Trophy 4th 5th
GP Skate America 4th
GP Skate Canada 5th
Nebelhorn Trophy 4th
U.S. Championships 2nd 1st 3rd
Eastern Sectionals 1st
Team events
World Team Trophy 1st T
4th P
T = Team result; P = Personal result;
Medals awarded for team result only.

With Jordan[edit]

Event 01–02 02–03 03–04 04–05 05–06
U.S. Championships 9th N 9th J 1st J 10th 11th
French Championships 1st G
NACS Waterloo 2nd
Eastern Sectionals 1st N 3rd J 1st J 3rd 2nd
Levels: N = Novice; J = Junior
G = Competed as guest skaters


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