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These are the characters in ABC television drama, Dirty Sexy Money.

Main characters[edit]

Actor Role Description
Peter Krause Nick George Nick George is the first main character of the series. He's a well-meaning, civic-minded lawyer in his 30s, Nick is a husband, father, and son to the Darling family attorney, Devlin "Dutch" George. Growing up in a troubled household (his mother left when he was six), he always came second to his father's job. When he was younger, he dated Karen Darling (she lost her virginity to him). At one point, in the episode "The Cavanesca", it is revealed that Nick proposed to Karen when they were 19. He never admits it until late in Season 2, but Nick never stopped loving Karen, and he knew that she was the only person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Though he promised himself he would never follow in his father's footsteps, he is inevitably drawn to the Darling family when his father dies suddenly in a mysterious manner and agrees to be their chief counsel. However, he finds himself becoming more like the Darlings, while his marriage falls apart. Like his father before him, he delves deeper into dealings with Simon Elder as he believes him to be his father's killer. He forms a bond with Tripp and a considerable friendship with Patrick and, later in Season 2, Brian, his half brother. He is named Vice-Chairman on Darling Enterprises Board of Directors after Letitia is asked to step down. With the new partnership between Simon Elder and Tripp Darling not much on this new title has been developed. He and Lisa divorce later in Season 2, after Lisa finds out that Nick still has feelings for Karen, and so they undergo a custody battle for their daughter, Kiki. Nick's relationship with Karen finally amounts to something when they confess their feelings for each other in the episode "The Convertible" when their plane threatens to crash. In the final episode of the last season, Nick and Karen are open to a future together, with them discussing having children and marriage.
Donald Sutherland Patrick "Tripp" Darling III Tripp Darling is the second main character of the series and the Darling family patriarch. Now in his 60s, he has amassed a wealth of such enormity that he owns vineyards and maintains residences around the world, including one in Upper East Side, Manhattan. With his wife, Letitia, they have raised five grown, troubled children: Patrick, Karen, Brian, Jeremy and Juliet. He runs the family's fifty billion dollar business, Darling Enterprises. His younger brother, Kenneth, was the New York State Senator from 1970 to 1975. He was one of the youngest and most influential Senators until his mysterious assassination in 1975. To this day his murder is still unsolved.[1]
Jill Clayburgh Letitia Van Kirk Darling Letitia Darling is the family matriarch. Friends with the Vanderbilt family, she is a socialite of formidable standing in New York City. Rendered devastated by Devlin George's death, the truth about the nature of their relationship comes to light when her daughter, Karen, reveals that they were engaged in a years-long affair. Letitia treats Nick George as a son to her, for a number of reasons, some of which are revealed in the series. When Nick's mother left when he was a young child, she loved and cared for him. Letitia always wanted Karen to marry Nick, as she was well aware the two had a relationship years ago, and still have feelings for each other. She co-ran the family business, Darling Enterprises, alongside Tripp, as Vice-Chairman of the Board.
William Baldwin Patrick Darling IV Patrick Darling is the firstborn child of Tripp & Letitia Darling. Now in his 40s, he is the New York State Attorney General married with two kids. A rising political star, he was elected to the United States Senate. He's also been having a torrid affair with a transsexual who refuses to go away. As his marriage begins to fall apart, Patrick becomes more determined to distance himself from his father and become his own man. He is elected senator of New York and engages in an illicit affair with a gay congressman's wife.
Natalie Zea Karen Darling Karen Darling is the eldest daughter in the Darling family, with four failed marriages under her belt (the fourth didn't even survive the reception). She possesses an MBA from Columbia University, as well as running the family's charitable foundation. Nick and Karen were romantically involved at one point in time when they were younger (she lost her virginity to him). Nick proposed to Karen while holidaying in Italy when they were both 19. They never ended up getting married, which both Nick and Karen regret, because the latter always thought she would end up his wife. She now resents the fact that it didn't turn out that way. All along, she knows that even when she tries to forget about the past and move on, she knows that she loves Nick, and always will do. She later begins a relationship with Simon Elder so she can spy for her father, but ends up forming slight feelings for him, alienating her from the rest of her family. Her relationship with Simon ends when he trades her for a business deal with Tripp on their wedding day. She later finds out she is pregnant with Simon's baby, but loses it in a miscarriage when she falls down the stairs at the Darling house. Karen starts a long overdue relationship with Nick late in Season 2. They talk openly about having a real future together, that both of them always wanted. They discuss having children, and the possibly of someday getting married.
Glenn Fitzgerald Reverend Brian Darling Brian Darling is the middle child of the Darling family. In his 30s, he is an Episcopal priest, even though he has an illegitimate child who he won't admit is his. Described as a "pale, sour, whiny jerk", he loathed Nick George as a child, and when Nick first starting working with the family, hated him, but in Season 2, they end up building an unlikely friendship. He once spitefully accused Devlin George (who is also his biological father) of trying to ingratiate himself with his family, and now feels Nick is attempting to do the same. He and his first wife, Mei Ling, divorce when she finds out he has an illegitimate child, Brian Jr., but he marries Andrea later, a cancer survivor. In the unaired episodes, Andrea throws him out when she finds out that Brian went to DC for a tryst with his ex-wife and he turns to Nick for help. The half-brothers bond and the animosity is lessened between them. He resigns from Darling Enterprises after a position of Vice-Chairman which he believed was supposed to be given to him went to Nick, also with the partnership between Tripp and Simon Elder. He rejoins the church after Andrea becomes healthy again.
Seth Gabel Jeremy Darling Jeremy Darling (along with Juliet) is half of the set of fraternal twins that make up the youngest members of Darling family. Addicted to cocaine, he is frequently seen hung over, chain-smoking and pleading with Nick George to get him out of a jam. Completely oblivious to other people's suffering and unable to imagine a life worse than his, Jeremy often fears that he is the family disappointment and that his father abhors him. He has been involved with several who have complicated relationships with his family.[2]
He gets involved with Nola Lyons, who, under Simon Elder's instructions, is prosecuting Letitia Darling. He pretends to have amnesia in order to hide from Simon Elder to help Nola save her brother.
Samaire Armstrong Juliet Darling Juliet Darling (along with Jeremy) is half of the set of fraternal twins that make up the youngest members of the Darling family. Described as being spoiled and petulant (albeit with a heart), she is in her 20s. A former debutante, she is presently aiming to be taken seriously as an actress and was later devastated to learn that she only received the role of Susy Hendrix (once portrayed by Audrey Hepburn) in the play, "Wait Until Dark", because her father was bankrolling the production. After the first Season, she leaves New York to vacation abroad with her new boyfriend.[3]
Zoe McLellan Lisa George Lisa George is the loving, attractive art dealer wife of Nick George. Mother to their daughter, Kiki, she is a patient partner in parenting and enjoys the frequent, lavish parties that the Darlings throw in which she is now privy to. Despite their newfound wealth, Lisa is also aware of the fact that her husband might be drifting away from her and growing closer to his old flame, Karen Darling. She begins a short-lived romantic entanglement with Jeremy Darling, which ultimately leads to the destruction of her marriage.[4]
In the unaired episodes she writes a tell-all book about the Darlings, much to Nick's chagrin, but her plan backfires when she ends up looking like a bitter, money-crazed ex-wife on daytime television. She tries to get Nick back but fails.
Blair Underwood Simon Elder Simon Elder is the world's third-richest man, thanks to his invention of a superfast computer processor, but he couldn't be more different from the old-money Darling family headed by Tripp Darling. Unlike the Darlings, who live their lives so conspicuously, Simon is always radically underdressed. He lives very simply in a mostly empty loft, and he's sharp. He is engaged in a continuous war with the Darlings for the ownership of the island of Manhattan.[5]
His hatred of the Darlings stems from the fact that his parents used to work for Tripp's Father. A rumour started that Simon's father was having an affair with Tripp's mother. Whether or not this was true, things escalated and resulted in Devlin George reporting them to the State Department. The result was that they had to flee to Russia, Simon was told that Russia was more "sensitive to the plight of African Americans". However, it did not work out and they ended in a Siberian Work Camp where they died. Simon incorrectly blames the Darlings for their deaths. He later embarks on a partnership with Tripp regarding a bio-fuel he supposedly developed, but was really the idea of Nola Lyons' father, his old college professor. He also reveals to Nick who he is ultimately working for.
Lucy Liu Nola Lyons Nola Lyons is a powerful attorney who has never lost a case. She is the prosecutor in the Devlin George murder trial and has a strong dislike for the Darlings. Despite this, she begins an affair with Jeremy Darling, which ultimately costs her the case when it comes to light. It is revealed that she is working with Simon Elder to take down the Darlings after her career falls apart, and she convinces Patrick Darling to make her his Chief of Staff under Simon's orders. Though she occasionally shows signs of remorse, she is motivated by the safety of her younger brother, whom Simon is holding hostage.[6]

Recurring characters[edit]

Including number of appearances as of the end of December 2008, with 19 episodes (out of 23) aired.

Actor Role # Description
Will Shadley Brian Darling, Jr. 15 Brian Jr. is Brian's illegitimate child with Andrea Smithson. He is left in his father's care after his mother leaves for Brazil, and is initially viewed as an inconvenience by his father. However, Jr. becomes attached to Brian and his family, and is dazzled by the Darling's lavish lifestyle. He is told to lie about his true identity, but ends up telling his wife the truth out of guilt. When Andrea returns, Brian Jr.'s parents battle over custody of him, and he is taken to Brazil by his mother after his father tries to bribe the judge. He returns to New York by stowing away on his father's plane, and as Brian and Andrea is married he finally gets to live together with both his parents.
Sheryl Lee[A] Andrea Smithson Darling 12 Andrea is the mother of Brian's illegitimate child, Brian Jr. She leaves her son with Brian while away in Brazil, initially much to Brian's annoyance. However, upon her return, he is unwilling to give up his role as a father. During the proceeding custody struggle, Brian discovers that Andrea has been visiting Brazil for an unconventional cancer treatment and that she has been hiding her sickness from their son. She eventually agrees to enter a medical trial that turns out to be ineffective. As Andrea's illness worsens, Brian finds himself drawing closer to her, and eventually asks her to marry him. After what Brian regards a sign from God, Andrea miraculously recovers, and is able to start planning her life together with Brian and her son.
Candis Cayne Carmelita Rainer 11 Carmelita was Patrick Darling's transsexual lover. When Tripp discovers this, he forces Patrick to end the affair, which sends him spiraling into a depression. He eventually restarts the relationship, which his father continually tries put a stop to. As Ellen Darling becomes aware of her husband's affair, she is initially composed, but then becomes determined to take care of Carmelita. At the end of the first season, Carmelita is abducted by someone hired by Ellen. She later resurfaces as the election draws near, but temporarily ends the relationship when discovering the truth behind Ellen's death. Eventually her love towards Patrick is proved stronger, and she once again is reunited with him. However - their relationship is put to a tragic end, as Carmelita is shot to death at Patrick's inauguration, only minutes before Patrick had planned to go public with their love.
Shawn Michael Patrick Clark the Chauffeur 11 Clark has been the Darling chauffeur for over 17 years, and has gained their full trust. He has run all sorts of errands for the family, ranging from regular pick-ups to overlooking the dirty work and managing cover-ups to hide the family's most shady and precarious situations.
Laura Margolis Daisy 11 Daisy, a paralegal, who serves as Nick's secretary. A running gag in the series is her failing to inform Nick that he has a visitor, typically resulting in an embarrassing situation.
Darcy Byrnes[B] Kiki George 10 Kiki - Nick's and Lisa's young daughter - is mesmerized by the lavish lifestyle of the Darlings. Lisa is resistant to Kiki becoming part of their world after seeing what it has done to her husband. Nick is constantly torn between his job and forging a relationship with his daughter that he never had with his own father. Kiki is a major concern when Nick and Lisa begin to have marital problems, and she helps her mother to try to make their marriage work. However, her efforts appear to be in vain, as Lisa decides to end their marriage, when she discovers that Nick still has feelings for Karen.
Bellamy Young[C] Ellen Darling 8 Ellen is the wife of Patrick Darling, and the mother of his children Margaux and Robert Darling (played by Bella Thorne and Andrew Astor). Ellen is a determined wife who initially would not let her husband's affair ruin their political career in Washington. However, as she starts to discover that Patrick has real romantic feelings for Carmelita, she begins to drink and act violently. She shoots Patrick in the knee, and later becomes a hazard to his campaign when he shows up to events drunk. She reaches her breaking point, and attacks Patrick, revealing that she is responsible for Carmelita's disappearance. She dies during the attack, slipping and smashing her head on the counter. In order to cover up the accident, Tripp and Patrick have Clark move her to the Darling Country house, where he stages a fire, having her official cause of death being accidental fire.
Daniel Cosgrove Freddy Mason 7 Freddy is the professional golfer who becomes Karen's fourth husband. Although originally mainly interested in the Darling fame and money, he admits to Karen on the day of their wedding that he truly has come to regard of her as the love of his life. Ironically, this has Karen realizing that her true feelings still lie with Nick, and during their wedding dance, she tells Freddy she wants a divorce.
Tamara Feldman Natalie Kimpton 5 Natalie is Juliet's former best friend gone arch enemy. Her return into the Darling lives causes controversy for the family; most notably it puts Jeremy loyalty towards his twin sister in question as she and Jeremy starts to date. In order to get Jeremy to side with her, Natalie fakes a pregnancy, which ultimately leads to both Jeremy and Juliet cutting her off for good.
Roxana Brusso Maria 5 Maria is the Darling's Hispanic maid.
Michelle Krusiec Mei Ling Hwa Darling 4 Mei Ling is the first wife of Brian Darling, with whom she have twin daughters Lacey and Leah Darling (played by Ashely and Zoey Botnick). As Brian Jr. appears in their home, Mei Ling Hwa is initially told he is a Swedish orphan. Eventually she becomes suspicious as she discovers that he can speak perfect English, and finally Brian Jr. comes clean about his parentage, feeling guilty about lying to Mei Ling Hwa when she has been so nice to him. Furious, she files for divorce and custody of her children, and leaves her husband for good.
Sofia Vergara Sofia Montoya 4 Sofia is the classy new love interest of Jeremy, following his breakup with Natalie. They met while he worked as a car park attendant, but their relationship eventually ended due to Jeremy's lack of goal and life directions.
Scott Holroyd Chase Alexander 3 Chase is Ellen's brother who believes that Patrick murdered her. Initially he is paid off to stay quiet, but when his family leaves him, he once again turns towards the Darlings, ultimately attacking them with a handgun, during Patrick's inauguration. Chase was shot down, and comatised, with several characters prepared to pull the plug on him. Eventually, however, he died quietly in his sleep.


A. ^ The role of Andrea Smithson was played by Brooke Smith in the Pilot episode.
B. ^ The role of Kiki George was played by Elle Fanning in the Pilot episode, and by Chloë Grace Moretz during the rest of Season 1, and the beginning of Season 2.
C. ^ The role of Ellen Darling was played by Kiersten Warren in the Pilot episode.

Notable guest appearances[edit]

Several celebrities have made minor appearances as themselves in the series.

  • Dan Rather visits the Darling party in the pilot episode, and in episode 2x03, 'The Star Witness', he moderates a debate in which Patrick participates.
  • Peter Bogdanovich also makes an appearance in the pilot, producing a theater play in which Juliet is due to have a part.
  • Kenny G is hired by the Darlings to play the saxophone at Ellen's funeral in episode 2x02, 'The Family Lawyer'.
  • The Weepies are hired by Jeremy to do a personal gig for him an Nola, in episode 2x03, 'The Star Witness'.
  • Joel Madden visits the opening of Lisa's new gallery in episode 2x05, 'The Verdict'.