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Jeremy Keith
Jeremy Keith, Salter Cane, Metway Studios.jpg
Born25 February[1]
OccupationWeb developer, writer, musician

Jeremy Keith is a web developer, writer, and musician. He authors a popular blog, and has written several books including DOM Scripting, a guide to web design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model. He co-founded Clearleft in 2005 with Andy Budd and Richard Rutter.[2][3]

Books and articles[edit]

DOM Scripting[edit]

Keith's book DOM Scripting is a guide to enhancements to web pages using JavaScript and web standards. It assumes some preexisting knowledge of CSS. The first edition was published in 2005 (ISBN 1590595335). Chapter 5 is available online as well as in print.[4]

Bulletproof AJAX[edit]

Keith's book Bulletproof AJAX is a “step-by-step guide to enhancing Web sites with Ajax”.[5] It assumes some preexisting knowledge of JavaScript. The first edition was published in February 2007 (ISBN 0321472667). The introduction is available online as well as in print.[6]

HTML5 for Web Designers[edit]

Keith's book HTML5 for Web Designers is a guide for introducing web designers to HTML5.[7] The first edition was published in 2010 (ISBN 978-0-9844425-0-8). The book is available online as well as in print.[8]

Resilient Web Design[edit]

Resilient Web Design

Keith's book Resilient Web Design is a book about web design. The first edition was published in 2016,[9] the book is only available online,[10] it's a web book.[11]

Going Offline[edit]

Keith's book Going Offline is a guide to service workers. It was published on 24 April 2018 by A Book Apart.[12]

Open source work[edit]

Jeremy Keith has contributed to a number of open source projects using GitHub:

Other work[edit]

Salter Cane[edit]

Keith plays bouzouki in the Brighton rock band Salter Cane.[15]


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