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Jeremy Mayall
Born (1983-11-29) 29 November 1983 (age 35)
Hamilton, New Zealand
GenresFilm music, Pop, Electronica, hybrid genres
Occupation(s)composer, musician, songwriter, record producer, film director, teacher, marriage celebrant
Instrumentskeyboards, vocals, turntables, harmonica, theremin
Years active2004–present
LabelsOne Fat Man
Associated acts...howard, The Big Fat Jazz Bastards, onefatman, The Scorelocks Collective

Jeremy Mayall (a.k.a. Remy) (born 29 November 1983) is a New Zealand composer, record producer, musician, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and film maker best known for his ONE FAT MAN album "A Typical Day in Suburbia", and his "Symphony No 1 for Orchestra and Turntables", which was performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra (APO). The premiere performance was given by the Wellington Youth Orchestra (WYO) in 2005.


Born and raised in Hamilton, NZ he was schooled in music from age 5. Starting with piano lessons, he progressed on to drums, harmonica, and bass. He now plays turntables, synths, melodica, and theremin among others. He also likes to perform using unconventional instruments such as iPhones, and watering cans. He also regularly sings with several bands, and in theatrical stage shows. He has performed throughout NZ, as well as in Fiji, Nouméa, Vanuatu, Singapore and the US.

Academic study has been based at the University of Waikato and has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – majoring in Music, and a master's degree (receiving First Class Honours), majoring in composition. He is currently completing doctoral study in musical composition at the University of Waikato. For all his graduate study Jeremy has been awarded a Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship, and was Creative/Performing Arts Person of the Year for 2005, Media Personality of the Year 2005 and the inaugural winner of the Sir Edmund Hillary Medal. He was also the recipient of the Hamilton City Council BeatStreet award for Excellence in Creative and Performing Arts, and the Hamilton City Council Supreme Youth Award in 2008.

He married Courteney Mayall (née Bell) on 1 May 2010. She is a hairstylist and special FX make-up artist.


His music exists in almost all genres, including solo and chamber music, orchestral music, music for theatre and film, pop, hip-hop, jazz, as well as electro-acoustic music. His works always tend to favour the bizarre or fantastical elements of the imagination and his pieces always tend to look for a new form of expression, whether through turntables in an orchestra, to live electro-acoustic music for electric bass and turntables, to kitchen utensils as musical instruments. A fascination with Hip Hop music and culture, as well as the historical interest in many other musical forms (Jazz, Soul, Funk) and his interest in Film, has been a strong influence on his music.

At the age of 20 he wrote his first symphony – Symphony No 1 for Orchestra and Turntables (which has been performed by the APO, NZSO, WYO, DYO and NZSSSO). This is the first symphony to be written including modern turntablist techniques. He also released his first album through his production and pop music identity of ONE FAT MAN. The album 'a typical day in suburbia' received excellent reviews. It features styles that span the musical continuum from jazz to pop, to soul and hip hop. The album featured a range of local performers from Remy's home town of Hamilton, NZ. It contains tracks by local singers (Stephie Christian, Linda Dee, Landy Tyrell, Silua Fifita); rappers (Hitz, Ptt); and instrumentalists (Mike Mello, Rat Daddy, James Sutherland, Black C).

More recently Mayall has been performing and recording live electro-acoustic soundscapes for turntables, watering cans, electronics and taonga puoro with Richard Nunns and with performance ensemble Sonic Warp with Daniel Peters. He has also been recording electro/synth-pop with his side project …howard. This band has already created a 7 track EP – Remaking Pearl Harbour, and an 11 track concept album They no longer sleep alone. This concept album has since been developed into a feature-length film by Chasing Time Productions.

Film and theatre music[edit]

Mayall regularly writes film music. In 2007 he composed, recorded and produced all the sound elements and music for the film-noir horror 'Down by the Riverside'. (Downending Films site). 'Down by the Riverside' was nominated for BEST FOREIGN FILM at the B-Movie Festival in New York. He has also composed the score and sound design for "Pictures of You" and "They No Longer Sleep Alone" both by Chasing Time Productions. Other recent film projects include the narrative dance films Lucid and Beat.

He has also recently formed at film music composing team called The Scorelocks Collective with fellow Hamilton composer Chris Lam Sam. Three films they have scored have been accepted into international festivals. (Finding Marilyn in Castel del'Aquila, Lily White and Hunter)

In theatre music, Mayall has most often written musicals. Including the songs for "Alice and the Velvetty Tea cup", "Santa Claus" and most recently "Life in the Key of..." which was produced for the Hamilton Ignition Fringe Festival 2010, and received strong reviews.

Selected composer filmography[edit]

Other compositional history[edit]

From 2003 – Current:
Theatre Works

  • Life in the Key of...
  • Santa Claus
  • Alice and the Velvety Teacup
  • Virtual Reality (Dance Soundscape)
  • Bungamucka (Closing Dance Segment – industrial techno meets soundscapes)
  • Swamp Treasures (Live Orchestra + Soundscapes)
  • Deconstructing Alice Dee (Jazz, Dance, Soundscapes, Solo Piano, Circus music)
  • Bliss (Opening dance segment – 16mins of various styles of music)
  • Te Marama (ranging from traditional maori music to reggae)
  • The Buried Life (from rock to soundscapes to circus music)
  • Good as Gold (1920s silent movie piano music)
  • Lupin (Dance music, Reggae, Rock, Avantgarde)

Solo Work:

  • The effect of bundled sticks on sound (solo bassoon + fx)
  • From Dusk till Dawn (solo flute)
  • Loves Theme (solo piano)
  • Ones Theme (solo piano)

Ensemble Work:

  • sssSTEAMmmm (soundscape, taonga puoro, harmonica, effects)
  • Nebula Puoro (soundscape, taonga puoro, theremin effects)
  • A new communication (electronics, light table, taonga puoro, laptop, effects, 3 iPhones, 5.1 surround sound)
  • Ave Maria (electronics, synths, soprano, film)
  • Ebb (taonga puoro, turntables and theremin)
  • Supermarkets and Lovers (String Quartet)
  • Paaroretanga (Watering Can, Effects, Turntables and video)
  • De Feo (alto sax and viola)
  • Espacio (guitar orchestra)
  • A mix of emotions (song cycle for soprano, violin, cello, turntables)
  • A recipe for disaster (for 5 men in a kitchen)
  • Nuevo Viaje (for guitar orchestra)
  • Into the Depths of Darkness (micro score for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon)
  • The Soundscape of New Utilitablaszione (for electric bass and turntables)
  • The Big Fat Jazz Bastard Theme Song (for big band)
  • Today is the Tomorrow (turntables, electronics, keyboard, video)

Orchestral Work:

  • Expendable Dichotomy (orchestra)
  • …seconds unwind… generated noise… racecar (for chamber orchestra)
  • Into the depths of Chaotic Moisture (orchestra and soundscape)
  • The Adventures of a Hero (orchestra)
  • Symphony No.1 (for orchestra and turntables)
  • High Speed Chase Scene (for orchestra and sound effects)
  • Electric Bass Concerto (for orchestra and electric bass)

Pop Music:

  • Composed 8 tracks for "Human Residue" by Devin Mohr (USA)
  • Composed all the music for "a typical day in suburbia" ONE FAT MAN (NZ)
  • Remix for datemonthyear “ghost 6 – the concussion remix”
  • 2 Remixes for “I Want You” – cd single by Ashley Cooper

(“The Jerome Mark Nu-Lounge Remix” and the “ONEFATMAN Military Remix)

  • Composed music for "Remaking Pearl Harbour EP" by ...howard
  • Composed music for "They no longer sleep alone" by ...howard


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