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Jeremy Lee Miner (born March 1, 1977) "Is an international sales trainer and speaker and the CEO of 7th Level Communications" (2016).

Early life and education[edit]

Miner was raised in Osceola, Missouri and graduated High School at Osceola High in 1995. He attending college Utah Valley University and majored in Behavior Science before starting his career.


Miner began his career in June 2001 at Pinnacle Security selling home security systems. He was later promoted and started managing the salesforce. Miner was influential in launching Pinnacle Inc. to one of the 500 fastest growing companies in 2002 and 2003. In November 2005 he became a sales distributor for Liberty League International.[1] In December 2008 he became the Vice President of Sales for LifePath Unlimited and in 2011 was hired by Wealth Masters International as the Vice President of Marketing. In 2012 he co-founded a company called MOS (Millionaire Operating System) and developed a sales system geared toward online sales associates teaching them how to sell online products and services. In 2015 Jeremy Miner, John Jackson and Ryan Nelson[2] launched the self-help service Champion Movement in 2015 in partnership with Simon Sinek distributing the Simon Sinek's Start With Why[3] book and program. In 2016 he launched 7th Level Communications an international sales training organization along with Brian Tracy. Jeremy is also known for developing the N.E.P.Q sales methodology (neuro emotional persuasion questioning).

Business training programs created by Jeremy Miner[edit]

  • MOS (Millionaire Operating System)[4]
  • 7th Level Communications[5]
  • Ultimate Closer's Masterclass
  • The 8 Week Academy Sales program
  • The N.E.P.Q sales system for sales professionals
  • The 5 Principles of the New Model of Selling


  • Worldwide Top 100 Home Business[6] (2014)
  • Business from Home Top Earner[7] (2013)
  • Home Business Top Earner[8] (2008 - 2011)

Radio and podcast appearances[edit]

  • Think Bold Be Bold (2016) 7 Figure Sales Training[9]
  • Rise Up Champions (2017). Jeremy Miner Lecture[10]
  • Podcast Factory (2017). The Persuasion Secrets Of The Top 1% With Jeremy Miner[11]
  • Mission Driven (2017). The Long Short Way [12]
  • Weird Entrepreneurs (2018). The Secret with Jeremy Miner [13]


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