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Schoemaker speaking about Facebook advertising at Affiliate Summit East 2009

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker (born May 31, 1974) is a web entrepreneur, founder of ShoeMoney Media and PAR Program, and co-founder of the AuctionAds service.[1][2] He is a frequent speaker at search engine marketing and affiliate conferences.[3] He also co-founded the Elite Retreat, an annual industry expert conference, with Lee Dodd.[4]

Slate stated on October 1, 2008 that blogger Shoemoney had become famous when he posted his picture with a $132,994.97 cheque he had received from Google AdSense for just one month's worth of clicks.[5]

Education and career[edit]

While in attendance at Western Illinois University, Schoemaker founded his first business, making Macintosh gaming sites.[3] At its peak, saw an average of 150,000 unique views per day.[6] Schoemaker also started his blog, ShoeMoney, in 2003, in which he journals about how to make a living from the Internet, including direct ad sales and affiliate marketing. ShoeMoney's blog was named Best Affiliate Marketing Blog of 2006 by Search Engine Journal.[7] In 2010, Schoemaker won Fast Company's Influence Project, getting more than 500,000 clicks by tapping into his online followers.[8]

In March 2007, Shoemaker and his business partner David Dellanave launched AuctionAds,[9] an eBay affiliate service that allows users to display live eBay auctions on their websites.[1] The service was named the "eBay Most Innovative Application-Buyer" at the 6th annual eBay Developers Conference.[10] In July 2007, Schoemaker sold his majority ownership in AuctionAds to the performance marketing company MediaWhiz for 17 million dollars.[11]

In 2012, Schoemaker founded PAR (People Acquisition and Retention) Program, a monthly subscription service for e-commerce websites.[12] GoSocial, an international media marketing company, acquired PAR Program for $12 million in 2015.[13]

Schoemaker self-published his autobiography, Nothing’s Changed But My Change: The ShoeMoney Story, in January 2013 on[2][14]


On April 7, 2009, ShoeMoney Media Group filed suit against Keyen Farrell, a Google Adwords account specialist, to protect the ShoeMoney Trademark.[15] Farrell was affiliated with a website using the term "shoemoney" in its advertisements without authorization from the ShoeMoney Media Group. In June 2009, Farrell countersued Schoemaker for defamation of reputation.[16] Farrel withdrew his counter-suit in July and the case was settled in August 2009.[17]


Schoemaker routinely raises money for charity by hosting an auction in which he agrees to wear the winning company's branded T-shirt exclusively to an Affiliate Summit event.[18] He began hosting these auctions in 2009, and has since raised over $80,000.[19]

Personal life[edit]

Schoemaker lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.[20]


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