Jeremy Shearmur

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Jeremy Shearmur
Era20th-century philosophy
RegionWestern Philosophy
SchoolCritical rationalism
Classical Liberalism
Main interests
Philosophy of science
Social and political philosophy
Philosophy of mind

Jeremy Shearmur was formerly a Reader in Philosophy in the School of Philosophy at the Australian National University, who retired at the end of 2013. He is currently an Emeritus Fellow, lives in Dumfries in Scotland, and is undertaking research and a limited amount of lecturing and Ph.D. supervision. He was educated at the London School of Economics.

He has taught at the University of Edinburgh, the University of Manchester, and at George Mason University, where he was a Research Associate Professor at the Institute for Humane Studies. He was also Director of Studies of the Centre for Policy Studies, in London.

After briefly pursuing studies in librarianship, he worked for eight years as assistant to Karl Popper.[1][2]


  • H. B. Acton, The Morals of Markets and Related Essays (1993) edited with David Gordon
  • Hayek and After (1996)
  • The Political Thought of Karl Popper (1996)
  • Karl Popper, After the Open Society (2008) edited with Piers Norris Turner
  • The Cambridge Companion to Popper (2016) edited with Geoffrey Stokes


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