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Jeremy Spake
Born Jeremy Spake
1969 (age 47–48)
Colchester, England, United Kingdom

Jeremy Spake (born 1969) is a British television personality and presenter from Colchester, England.

In 1996, Spake featured in the BBC documentary series Airport, where he worked as the Ground Services Manager for Aeroflot - Russian Airlines. His appearance on the programme brought him to wider public notice and celebrity.[1] He subsequently featured in other programmes included The Toughest Job In Britain, Holiday, The Angry Pirate and City Hospital. He also appeared in Moscow for the BBC's 2000 Today programme, broadcast over the turn of 2000. In 2008 he also featured in BBC documentary Return to ... Airport which revisited the people who appeared in Airport.[2]

Spake has written two books: Jeremy's Airport and The Toughest Job in Britain. Jeremy's Airport was based on his experiences working at Heathrow Airport as a traffic supervisor for Aeroflot during the filming of the BBC series Airport. It describes a typical week in his job as an Aeroflot traffic supervisor. Spake presented a series for BBC TV, The Toughest Job in Britain and his second book is based on the jobs he was filmed doing. Such jobs included replacing the bulbs on Blackpool Tower and work on a turkey farm.

Personal information[edit]

Spake is a fluent Russian speaker.[3] He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Colchester Institute in 2014.[4]



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