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H.J.C. "Jeremy" Swan (1 June 1922 – 7 February 2005) was an Irish cardiologist, originally from Sligo, who co-invented the Swan-Ganz catheter (widely used in intensive care units) with William Ganz at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in 1970.[1]

Swan was educated at Castleknock College and worked as a cardiologist in the Mayo Clinic (in Rochester, Minnesota), and later moved to Cedars Sinai Hospital (Los Angeles). His description of the invention of the catheter is said to have derived from watching the wind playing with sails in Santa Monica. He was present at the Mayo around the time they were performing early open heart surgeries in the mid-1950s. He died from complications following a heart attack following a long period of debilitation from a stroke.


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