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Location Sandviken, Sweden
Owner Jernvallen Drift AB
Capacity 7,000
Opened 1938
Sandvikens IF
Sandvikens AIK FK

Jernvallen is a multi-use stadium in Sandviken, Sweden.[1] In the 1958 FIFA World Cup there were two matches played at Jernvallen.[2] It has the distinction of being the northernmost stadium to host a World Cup match.[citation needed] It is currently used mostly for football matches. Although the record for the stadium is 20,000 people in 1958, today the stadium holds 7,000 people.[citation needed]

FIFA World Cup 1958[edit]

8 June 1958
19:00 (CET)
Hungary  1 – 1  Wales
Bozsik Goal 5' Report J. Charles Goal 27'
Jernvallen, Sandviken
Attendance: 20,000
Referee: Codesal (Uruguay)

15 June 1958
19:00 (CET)
Hungary  4 – 0  Mexico
Tichy Goal 19'46'
Sándor Goal 54'
Bencsics Goal 69'
Jernvallen, Sandviken
Attendance: 13,300
Referee: Eriksson (Finland)


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Coordinates: 60°36.4′N 16°46.3′E / 60.6067°N 16.7717°E / 60.6067; 16.7717