Jeroen Paul Thesseling

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Jeroen Paul Thesseling
Jeroen Paul Thesseling with Warwick Thumb NT7 fretless.jpg
Background information
Born April 13, 1971
Genres Death metal Fusion World
Instruments Bass guitar
Years active 1991-Present
Associated acts Salazh Trio
Ensemble Salazhar
Notable instruments
Warwick basses

Jeroen Paul Thesseling is a Dutch fretless bass player, most famous for his work in the German band Obscura, Dutch band Pestilence, and the studio project Ensemble Salazhar.[1][2]


Thesseling began studying bass in 1988 at the ArtEZ School of Music in Enschede, Netherlands. During the period 1992-1994, he was a member of Pestilence, with whom he recorded the jazz/fusion-influenced album Spheres. In 1995 Thesseling started to study microtonality, which resulted in two pieces: Hafnium — study in 72-tone equal temperament (1999) — and Argon — study in 18-tone equal temperament (2000). The period following, microtonal and contemporary classical music inspired him to focus primarily on fretless bass. In 2005 he recorded with the studio group Ensemble Salazhar. Despite their highly acclaimed demo 'Colors' the group never officially released recordings. Between 2007-2011, he collaborated with Obscura and recorded with them Cosmogenesis (2009) and Omnivium (2011). During the period 2009-2012 he rejoined Pestilence after a 15-year break and recorded their sixth studio album Doctrine (2011). Since 2011 German bass luthier Warwick built fretless 7-string instruments for him that are strung with a sub-contra F#-tuning. Late 2014 he founded the fusion/world group Salazh Trio. Their debut album Circulations is set to be released March 2017: Hans Grotenbreg - piano, electric piano, synth/ Horacio 'El Negro' Hernández - drums, percussion/ Jeroen Paul Thesseling - 7-string bass.


Bass guitars

Jeroen is endorsed by Warwick and plays 6-string Thumb neck-through basses since 1993. From 2011 he uses 7-string fretless Thumb NT basses with a low F#-tuning.

  • Warwick Thumb NT 7-string fretless (2013) snakewood fingerboard
  • Warwick Thumb NT 7-string fretless (2011) tiger striped ebony fingerboard
  • Warwick Thumb NT 6-string fretless (1993) Asian striped ebony fingerboard
  • Warwick Thumb NT 6-string fretless (1991) black ebony fingerboard
  • Warwick Thumb NT 6-string fretless (1989) Asian striped ebony fingerboard
  • Warwick Thumb NT 6-string (1991) wenge fingerboard
  • Warwick Thumb NT 6-string (1989) wenge fingerboard
  • Warwick LWA1000 (2x)


Studio albums
Demo recordings
  • Ensemble Salazhar - Colors (2008)


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