Jeroen Paul Thesseling

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Jeroen Paul Thesseling
Jeroen Paul Thesseling 2016.jpg
Jeroen Paul Thesseling, 2016
Background information
Born (1971-04-13) 13 April 1971 (age 48)
GenresJazz Fusion, Death metal
InstrumentsBass guitar
Years active1991-Present
Associated actsSalazh Trio
Ensemble Salazhar

Jeroen Paul Thesseling (born 13 April 1971) is a Dutch fretless bass player, most famous for his work in the German band Obscura,[1] Dutch band Pestilence [2] and Dutch-Cuban group Salazh Trio.[3]


Thesseling began studying bass in 1988 at the ArtEZ School of Music in Enschede, Netherlands. During the period 1992-1994, he was a member of Pestilence, with whom he recorded the jazz/fusion-influenced album Spheres.[4] In 1995 Jeroen started to study microtonality, which resulted in two pieces: Hafnium — study in 72-tone equal temperament (1999) — and Argon — study in 18-tone equal temperament (2000). The period following, Arabic microtonal and contemporary classical music inspired him to focus primarily on fretless bass.[5] In 2005 he recorded with the studio group Ensemble Salazhar.[6] Despite their highly acclaimed demo Colors the group never officially released recordings.[7] Between 2007-2011, he collaborated with Obscura and recorded with them Cosmogenesis [8] (2009) and Omnivium [9] (2011). During the period 2009-2012 he rejoined Pestilence after a 15-year break [10] and recorded their sixth studio album Doctrine (2011). Since 2011 he plays fretless 7-string basses with a subcontra F#-tuning.[11][12][13] Late 2014 Jeroen founded the jazz-fusion group Salazh Trio with Dutch former Ensemble Salazhar pianist Hans Grotenbreg [14] - and later on completed with legendary Cuban drummer/ percussionist Horacio Hernández. Their debut work Circulations was released in December 2017.[15] Salazh Trio announced to work on a second studio album, named Saturations.[16][17]


Masterbuilt instruments (Jeroen plays Warwick Thumb NT basses since 1993)
  • Warwick Thumb NT 7-string fretless ebony fingerboard (2017, custom shop)
  • Warwick Thumb NT 7-string fretless snakewood fingerboard (2013, custom shop)
  • Warwick Thumb NT 7-string fretless ebony fingerboard (2011, custom shop)
  • Warwick LWA1000 + WCA 115 CE LW cab + WCA 115 CE LW cab (left)
  • Warwick LWA1000 + WCA 115 CE LW cab + WCA 115 CE LW cab (right)
Studio DI
  • Aurora Audio GTQ2 MkIII


  • Pestilence - Presence of the Past (2015)
  • Ensemble Salazhar - Colors (2008)


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