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Jeroen Tel performing at Back in Time Live 2008.

Jeroen Godfried Tel (aka WAVE) (born May 19, 1972, Helmond) is a Dutch composer. Best known for numerous computer game tunes he wrote in the 1980s and early 1990s for the Commodore 64,[1] Tel is a founding member of the computer music group Maniacs of Noise alongside Charles Deenen,[2] who he met at computer meetings in Venlo, the Netherlands. He worked for several years at Funcom in Norway.[3] In addition to being game musician, he has composed lots of modules in the context of demoscene.

His most popular[4] compositions appear in the following Commodore 64 games: Combat Crazy, Cybernoid, Cybernoid II, Dan Dare 3, Eliminator, Hawkeye, Myth: History in the Making, Nighthunter, Robocop 3, Rubicon (title music), and Supremacy.

Soundtracks composed and produced by Jeroen Tel[edit]


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