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Jeroen Tel
Jeroen Tel performing at "Back in Time Live" in 2008
Jeroen Tel performing at "Back in Time Live" in 2008
Background information
Birth nameJeroen Godfried Tel
Born (1972-05-19) 19 May 1972 (age 50)
Eindhoven, Netherlands
GenresVideogame music
Commodore 64 music
Electronic music
Pixel Pop

Jeroen Godfried Tel (born 19 May 1972), also known as WAVE,[1] is a Dutch composer.[2][3][4] He is best known for numerous computer game tunes he wrote in the 1980s and early 1990s for the Commodore 64.[5] His most popular[6] compositions appear in the following Commodore 64 games: Combat Crazy, Cybernoid, Cybernoid II, Dan Dare 3, Eliminator, Hawkeye, Myth: History in the Making, Nighthunter, Robocop 3, Rubicon (title music), and Supremacy.[7]

Maniacs of Noise[edit]

Alongside Charles Deenen, who Tel met at computer meetings in Venlo, Netherlands, Tel is a founding member of the computer music group Maniacs of Noise,[8][9][10] a company devoted to composing music and designing sound effects for videogames since 1987.[11] He worked for several years at Funcom in Norway.[12] In addition to being a game musician, he has composed lots of modules in the context of demo scene.

Tess & Tel[edit]

In late 2014 Jeroen Tel joined forces with Swedish singer and songwriter Tess Fries and formed the Pixel Pop music group Tess & Tel. [13] [14] They first met at a Space Invaders concert in Odense, Denmark on October 4, 2013.

Tess & Tel discography[edit]

  • Buy the Sky (2015)[15]
  • Battle Valley (2015)[16]
  • Spank Me Hard & Call Me Susan (2016)[17]
  • Anywhere (2016)[18]
  • Dream Just Dream (2016)[19]
  • Complex (2016)[20]

Tel Me More[edit]

In the summer of 2015, Tel launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo[21] in order to produce a remix album (called 'Tel Me More') of his best C64 music.[22][23][24] Of the $38,911 (a nod to the amount of free memory bytes when starting up a Commodore 64) goal, $27,420 was reached by a total of 699 backers. On August 8, 2015, Tel gave an update on his Indiegogo page stating that this was sufficient to create the album and deliver all the promised perks. In posts on the campaign page, he claimed to still be working on completing the project as of February 2020.[25] However, in the beginning of February, 2022, the project was marked as closed without any comment from Jeroen.


Soundtracks by Jeroen Tel[edit]

Title Publisher Released Platform Credit Notes
A-TEAM, THE Fox Digital Entertainment 2010 (Mobile Game) Composer / Sound Designer
Honey Switch Deluxe Zylom 2005 (PC) Composer / Sound Designer
Fortuna Mahjongg Deluxe Zylom 2004 (PC) Composer / Sound Designer
Geweldenaren van Ver (Short) (No publisher) 2004 Micro movie Composer / Sound Designer
Alien Scum Synergenix 2002 (Mobile Game) Composer / Sound Designer
Abyss, The Synergenix 2002 (Mobile Game) Composer / Sound Designer
Hive, The Synergenix 2002 (Mobile Game) Composer / Sound Designer
Minerman Synergenix 2002 (Mobile Game) Composer / Sound Designer
Slot Machine Synergenix 2002 (Mobile Game) Composer / Sound Designer
Suske en Wiske: De Tijdtemmers Infogrames 2001 (Game Boy Color) Composer / Sound Designer
ASML ESD Clean Training 2001 (Website)
Big Brother: The Game SoftMACHINE Publishing International BV 2000 (PC) Composer / Sound Designer
Casino 1999 (PC) Composer / Sound Designer
Crimson's Mystery (No publisher) 1999 (Game Boy Color) Composer Unreleased.
FACT 1999 (PC)
Football Manager 1999 (PC) Composer / Sound Designer
Christmas Crisis 1995 (CD-i)
Family Games II: Junkfood Jive 1995 (CD-i)
Flippo House 1995 (CDS) Composer / Artist
Disney's Beauty and the Beast Hudson Soft 1994 (NES) Composer / Sound Designer
Alien III LJN, Ltd. 1993 (NES) Composer / Sound Designer
Bram Stoker Dracula Sony Imagesoft 1993 (Game Boy) Composer / Sound Designer
Bram Stoker Dracula Sony Imagesoft 1993 (Master System) (NES) Composer / Sound Designer
California Games II SEGA 1993 (Master System) (Game Gear) Composer / Sound Designer
Flash, The 1993 (Master System) (Game Gear) Composer / Sound Designer
Lemmings Psygnosis 1993 (C64) Composer / Sound Designer
Overlord Virgin Interactive 1993 (NES) Composer / Sound Designer
The A-Team (video game) 1992 (Game Gear) (Sega Master System) Composer / Sound Designer Unreleased.
Agony Psygnosis 1992 (Amiga) Composer
Fruit Fantasies 1992 (Amiga) Composer
Facts of Life Witan 1992 (PC) Demo Composer
Robocop 3 Ocean Software Ltd. (C64) and Ocean of America, Inc. (NES) 1992 (C64) (NES) Composer / Sound Designer
Outrun Europe SEGA Corporation, U.S. Gold Ltd. 1991 (C64) Composer / Sound Designer
Rubicon 21st Century Entertainment Ltd. 1991 (C64) Composer
Smash TV Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. 1991 (C64) Composer / Sound Designer
Supremacy Virgin Interactive 1991 (C64) Composer / Sound Designer
VIZ the Game Virgin Interactive 1991 (Amiga) (C64)
Back to the Future III Image Works 1991 (C64) Co-composer with Charles Deenen
Bad Blood ORIGIN Systems, Inc. 1991 (C64)
Dan Dare III: The Escape Virgin Interactive 1990 (C64)
Golden Axe Virgin Mastertronic 1990 (C64)
Hot Rod Activision, Inc. 1990 (C64)
Inve$t Starbyte Software 1990 (C64)
Turbo Outrun (Best Music ECTS Award) SEGA 1990 (C64) Best Music ECTS Award
Supremacy Virgin Interactive 1990 (Amiga) Composer / Sound Designer
Deliverance: Stormlord II Hewson Consultants 1990 (C64)
Poseidon: Planet Eleven Hi-Tec Software Ltd. 1990 (C64)
Iron Lord Ubi Soft Entertainment Software 1990 for C64 and 1989 for Amiga (Amiga) (C64)
Afterburner (USA version) SEGA 1989 (C64)
Drag race 2000 1989 (Arcade cabinet)
Dynamix Virgin Mastertronic 1989 (C64)
F14 Tomcat Dynamix 1989 (C64)
Myth: History in the Making System 3 Software Ltd. 1989 (C64)
Stormlord Hewson Consultants 1989 (C64) (Amiga)
Tintin on the Moon Infogrames Europe SA 1989 (C64)
2400 A.D. ORIGIN Systems, Inc. 1988 (C64) Unreleased.
Alloyrun Starlight Software 1988 (C64)
Aspar GP Master Dinamic Software 1988 (C64)
Battle Valley Rack-It 1988 (C64)
Combat Crazy A.K.A. War Bringer Silverbird (software label) 1988 (C64)
Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine Hewson Consultants 1987 (C64)
Cybernoid II: The Revenge Hewson Consultants 1988 (C64)
Eliminator Hewson Consultants 1988 (C64)
Gaplus Mastertronic 1988 (C64)
G.I. Hero 1988 (C64) Unreleased.
Ice Age Firebird Software 1988 (C64)
Navy Moves Dinamic Software 1988 (C64)
Savage Firebird Software 1988 (C64)
Scout Mastertronic 1988 (C64)
Hawkeye Thalamus Ltd. 1987 (C64)
BeachKing Stunt Racer (PS2) (PC)
Brabant Stad (Promo)
David Bravo (Cartoon)
Deadly Skies (PlayStation)
DLO Research (Television program)
Don Horn (PC)
EA Sports (JAKKS TV Game)
Empire (FM)
ETV Leader (RL)
Gold Rush Deluxe (PC)
Gordon's Cinderella (PC)
House of Cards 2 Deluxe
Hypnosis 1995 (PC) Demo
Janssen en Janssen (CDS)
Johny Walker Moorhuhn Jagd (PC)
Jule Shuffle (Online Game)
Just Kidding (CD)
Knoop in je Zakdoek 1994, 95, 96, 97 (Television program)
Lethal Weapon III (Master System)
Logitech Puzzle Game (PC) Demo
Mercury (Slot machine)
Moorhuhn (PC)
Moorhuhn 2 (PC)
Mortal Kombat (JAKKS TV Game)
Motors (PC)
Nanuk (PC)
NBA Hangtime (Sega Genesis) (Super NES)
Nicktoons Basketball (PC)
Nighthunter (C64)
Nintendo Starwing (Television commercial)
NNCDROM CD-ROM Business Presentation
North and South 1991 (C64)
No-TV Visual Music No.2 (DVD)
No Nonsense Consultancy (Website)
Original Video Game Sound Effects (CD)
Outrun 2 (C64)
Pocahontas (Super NES)
Poodle-e-razor (PC)
Power Play (Television program)
Raffzahn (PC)
Rhino Rumble (PC) (Game Boy Color)
RTL France Television (Station identification)
R-Xerox (Television commercial)
Ruflo Easyfloor (Animation)
Space Ranger (PC) Sound FX only
Spark Media Arts Festival (Animation)
Starwing (Television commercial) (RC)
Stork Aerospace F35 JSF (3d animation)
Super Monaco GP 1991 (C64)
Supercash (Amiga)
Suske en Wiske - De Roekeloze Ruimtereis
Suske en Wiske - Het Geheim van de Farao
Synthetic (AD)
Techno Cop 1992 (NES)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Amiga) (C64)
TELEAC (TV) Television (Station identification) (TVT) (RP)
Tetris 94 (C64)
The Video Game Soundmakers (CD)
TMax (Pocket PC)
Trivia Ultimate Challenge (C64)
Video Game Soundmakers, The (CD)
Vivid Video (CD)
Warlocked (Game Boy Color)
W.A.R. (PC)
Winter Gold (Super NES)
Z-Mess-House (CDS)
ZYLOM Music Logo
ZZPLANET (Animation)

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