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Professor Jeroen van den Hoven (born 1957 in Rotterdam) is a Dutch ethicist and a philosophy professor at Delft University of Technology.[1] He specializes in ethics of information technology.

Van den Hoven has written and worked with a range of scholars including Seumas Miller, Thomas Pogge, Martha Nussbaum and John Weckert.[2]

Currently he is Scientific Director at the 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology[3] and editor in chief of Ethics and Information Technology.[4] Van den Hoven is also founding Chair of the CEPE conference (Computer Ethics Philosophical Enquiry).[5]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Van den Hoven, MJ (2005). Moral values, design and ICT. Tijdschrift voor Humanistiek, 23(oktober),52-58. (TUD)
  • Van den Hoven, MJ (2005). Design for values and values for design. Informationage, 7(2), 4-7. (TUD)
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  • Hoven, Jeroen van den, and John Weckert, eds. 2008. Information Technology and Moral Philosophy, Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Public Policy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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